Monday, August 16, 2010

Good golly, Miss Molly!

Sometimes, in this vast blog-land, one stumbles across friends. And by friends, I don't just mean people you know who have blogs (although that's neat,too)... no, I mean the sort of thing where you start to read a blog simply because it looks cute, or someone you know linked to them, or something. And then, soon, that person makes you laugh. And then they write something that speaks to your heart. And maybe they inspire you. And then you fall in love with their adorable red-headed twins.... and well, before you know it, you desperately wish you lived by each other so you could really hang out, because somewhere along the way that person stopped being someone whose blog you read and became a friend. A genuine, real-life, wanna-squeeze-them, tell-me-about-your-day kind of friend. It's a beautiful thing.

Molly June is one of those people. I honestly can't even remember how I came across her blog in the first place... but I do remember the first comments we left on each other's blogs. They went something like this: (me) "Hi! you're funny and cute. Let's be friends!"  (her) "hiiiiiii! hi! hi! Yes! let's!!"  Hmm. yes. that sounds about right. :)

Well, guess what?

Miss Molly herself, along with those adorable red-headed twins of hers, drove up to Bakersfield just so she could meet those of us here who've been stalking, er, reading her blog and just dying to hang out with her.

A few things about Molly:
1. She's even cuter in person, if you can believe it.
2. She's one of the easiest people ever to talk to.
3. She's sweeter than honey and funny as anything, with a laugh and a smile that you just can't resist.
4. She's an amazing mom to Ellie and Audrey, those girls of hers. Having twins must be a challenge, but you would never know looking at her.
5. She makes you feel like you've known her for ages and ages.
6. She rocks a headband and has amazing hair. Yep, I'm jealous of her bangs.

We all had a blast. Lorie, darling dear that she is, invited all the craziness into her home and wonderful backyard, where the children played and became fast little friends, we ate ridiculously good food (I actually had a dream that involved Lorie's homemade chocolate cake and cornbread. For reals.), we laughed a LOT, and all of us generally just had so much fun that the evening went by far too quickly and I was sad when it was time to leave.

The sight of our girls playing together and the cuteness of it all just about did me in. Makes my heart happy.

I fell in love with her girls even more than I was before. They are just so adorable, words cannot express. Ellie sports the headband and wields the hose, and Audrey tries her best not to get water in her face... ha!

See that cake?? YUM. See Lorie??  She's crazy. And I love her.

Perfect. There were many moments like this.

Ellie and Emma, bonding over some coloring and cheeeeese.

This was about the time all the kids started to get really crazy and really loud, and about the time we had to disband. Poor Lorie's husband.

It truly was a great get-together, with so many amazing girls that I was on happy cloud nine. The lovely Alyssa was there, with her beautiful sister Kristin and too-cute-for-words niece. Olive Oyl, always stunning, came with her Swee'Pea. And Davi, charming and sweet and pocket-sized, showed up with Twain.
Add to this list Lorie, who is always a wonderful hoot, and her two mini-men; Molly and her two girls, and me and my three... and well, you begin to get a picture of the craziness and fun that ensued. I truly love these girls and am always so very very glad to get a chance to spend time with them all. Ahh, it's good to be friends... real-life, I-got-to-squeeze-you friends.

come back again soon, Molly, for we shall miss you... and next time I shall give you my house tour and play the piano for you and bake you cookies. :)

My pictures are sadly lacking (not a one of Olive Oyl, Alyssa, or Kristin! sad!), but Lorie and Molly both blogged about it too, so go here and here to see!


~D~ said...

Aww, such a wonderful story! I met the woman I consider my best friend on line almost 4 years ago. We live 2,000 miles apart and have yet to meet in real life. We hope to someday soon, and like you said we will be real life got-to-squeeze you friends. I'm so happy you got to meet Molly and I so enjoy your blog. =)

Ali said...

Yeah! I'm so glad you met Molly! She is the best and a good friend of mine. I am now addicted to all of your blogs because of her!!! Your girls are adorable!!

i'm lindsey. said...

totally jeal.
but trying not to be.........
rather- maybe im SO happy for ALL of you.......

talia, it doesn't supprise me that you can attract such beautiful friends-inside and out :)

happy happy happy!!!!!!!!!!!!

i'm lindsey. said...
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Tristan said...


i want to bring my baby and hang out with you!!!!

glad you had fun :) you deserve it!

molly june. said...

seriously, you are so sweet. you are all of that AND THEN SOME to me. i'm so glad i got to meet you all in person. i think about it all the time. it was THAT great. [& that b&w picture of us laughing is pretty awesome. i think i'll steal it] :)

so when can we do it again? tomorrow? i LOVE YOUUUUUUUU!!!

Chelsea said...

you girls are so sweet.

Kayla said...

How exciting to get to meet her! :)) I LOVE reading her blog she seems so darn sweet! Glad you had a wonderful time my dearest! LUV YA

.jimaie.marie. said...

These photos are amazing Lorie!!! You captured so much FUN and so much happiness! All of you girls are just SO beautiful and so funny, I love it! The pictures of the kids all playing together are too much! They must've all had a blast!

Band of Brothers said...

me? pocket-sized? oh contraire moonfraire! but...i've been thinking...maybe i shall put YOU in my pocket and take you home with me. i love hanging out with remind me of my sisters, and what could be more lovely than that? seriously i would love to hang out more often. you know...because between our seven kids we have all the time in the world...ha...but still i lOVE YOU!!!

and i'm like the only one who did not blog about this momentous occasion. no photos. no post. period. i'm lame. i shall make up a lovely post in my mind and will esp ya' will be great. trust me.