Wednesday, July 7, 2010

summer days

Today's date: July 7.
holy moly.
This summer is literally flying right on by. Like, summer started packing it bags, bought a one-way ticket to autumn and cheerfully began saying its goodbyes so it could make the flight on time. I knew it would probably seem to go by quickly, but this seems too fast.

My "summer project list" should probably be renamed "Talia's unrealistic and wishful thinking list", as so many of those little boxes remain sadly unchecked. My house is a perpetual mess, no matter how hard I work to keep it clean. The closets and cupboards are even worse. (Would you like to have a good cry? Come look at my closet. Because yes, it will make you weep.) Organization needs to happen around here, and soon. Laundry is always sitting in baskets, either waiting to be folded, or put away, or washed again. I have yet to make my final decisions and purchase school things for this fall. Somehow I seem to be always busy and always trying, but cannot seem to get caught up with anything at all. This all makes me feel a bit stressed and overwhelmed as the summer speeds onward. Please tell me I'm not the only one.

But. BUT! There is a bright side to this post! (I promise to always have a bright side, if at all possible. hehe.)

We are having fun!

No, our summer fun list isn't getting checked off quite as speedily as I thought it might, but it IS getting checked off. There has been lots of swimming, reading, watching of movies, sleeping in, good eating, playing in the backyard, time with family and friends, dancing, outings, listening to great music, and just general summer-timey goodness, wonderful and warm, soaked through with happy memories and sunshine.
A chubby Rosalie in her bikini. I die.
All aglow from the sun, happy in our little backyard pool.
They have delightful adventures in that little pool.

On Monday, since Jeremy was off work, we took the kids to see Toy Story 3. We weren't going to see it in 3D, since it's more expensive and I wasn't sure if the kids would really enjoy it enough to make it worth while. But since the 3D was the only one not sold out, we went for it, and I'm glad we did. The girls looked SO cute in their little 3D glasses! It really thrilled them. Annabelle kept reaching forward, trying to touch the images, the biggest grin on her face.

We LOVED Toy Story 3. So heart-warming and touching, funny and delightful. I laughed so much (and cried, too). We're those people who almost never go see movies in the theater, but I'm glad we didn't wait for this one to come out on DVD. Go see it if you haven't already!

We love you, summer! (and if you promise to slow down a bit from here on out, we'll love you even more. Pretty please?)


Maher Family said...

Adorable pictures!!! LOVE THEM

Tristan said...

As long as your having fun and making memories with the cuties...let the rest go!

Mommy Diffee said...

Ah yes, the summer is slipping away far to quickly, it actually makes me really sad ... ... ... until I start thinking about the next season being fall with warm colors, pumpkin bread, holidays, and less revealing clothing! LOL just kidding I am a summer girl. Shall we freeze time.please.thankyou!

Band of Brothers said...

i am always terribly behind on everything too! you are most certainly not alone! cheers to our messes!

Sunny said...

Oh girlie, can I relate! I'm feeling a wee bit overwhelmed over here. There is SO MUCH to do before our trip next week and I'm sort of drowning in procrastination and feeling unmotivated. Don't worry about mess and long lists of projects. If you want to make a priority list, then do that, so you can accomplish what you REALLY wanted to do. Then let the rest go and do those when you can later in the year. :) Love the pics of your girls swimming and at the movies. We really liked the movie too! Too bad it costs so stinkin' much to go, we'd love to go more than once or twice a year!

Lauryn said...

I love the summer fun pictures! I remember being a little girl playing with my toys in my kiddie pool. Those were the days :)

I loved Toy Story, and I'm so glad we saw it in 3D too! I haven't seen a 3D movie since I was a kid! Definitely worth it.

Kourtni said...

I am SO sad that summer is almost over. I love summer. I love it I love it I love it. I'm not ready. I guess that means we just have to make the most of every minute we have left of it!!! Love you.

alyssa said...

Too much cuteness! I love Rosalie's little bathing suit, omg - it's so cute, and that belly button!!! The pictures of everyone waring the 3D glasses are so funny :)

sarah marie p said...

Aww I love this description: "just general summer-timey goodness, wonderful and warm, soaked through with happy memories and sunshine."

So sweet and happy!
Sounds like you are having a wonderful summer and squeezing in lots of delightful fun adventures despite time going way too fast!

The 3D pictures are adorable! I'm glad the whole family had such a good time! Yay!

And yeah -- my master bathroom and spare room are messy enough but my closets and millions of junk drawers will seriously make you scared and/or cry. It's bad news! Seriously out of control. Ahhh! I always say I'm going to fix them every weekend but that never happens. I must get organized ... one day. Maybe. Or maybe not :P

.jimaie.marie. said...

our summer list has lots of checks on it...but lots of empty boxes as well! When we go to the beach next week and then camping next month a few more activities will be checked off but I just hate how those empty boxes taunt me;) lol!

Your girls make me smile so big, and oh my word, Rosalie in that bikini is TOO MUCH!!
I love the 3D glasses, I wanted to see it in 3D but Malachi told us he'd be too scared (it's prob true, he's such a wuss, ha!) so we just saw it the "regular" way. Wasn't it SO GOOD tho?! I was happy :D