Tuesday, June 22, 2010

hello!! and, goodbye.

A summertime roadtrip with your family to go see a few of the ones you love: it's a lovely thing. And that is precisely the adventure on which we will go once my husband gets home from work in just a few hours. (4 hours, to be exact. So much to do, and here I sit, blogging. Hi honey! don't worry, I'll be ready to go, I promise!)

We are headed here:

Rock Springs, Wyoming. A small-ish town in the southern part of Wyoming... known for its coal-mining, apparently. And also, rocks, I think. hehe.
My mom and dad, Jerusha, Lydia, and Josiah moved there last month from Denver so my dad, who is a pastor, could take charge of a church there. And now we are going to go visit them in their new home! It's about a twelve or thirteen-hour drive, which we will divide up for the sake of the children and our sanity. We'll make it to Primm, Nevada tonight (where we have booked a $16 hotel room. $16!!), stay overnight, and then start off right away in the morning so we get to their house sometime tomorrow evening. We can't wait to see our family again and to spend some time with them! And I'm actually really looking forward to the road trip too. I've stocked our van with books for reading out loud, good music, many snacks, lots of drawing supplies, and movies for when all else fails. We'll be back sometime on Monday already, since the kids have VBS next week. So it will be a rather quick trip, but worth it!

In the meanwhile, to all you bloggy friends of mine, I must say "I'm sorry". For as much as I absolutely loooooooove (really, I LOVE) each and every comment I receive from you lovely people, I sure have been horrible about leaving them. If you could only hear the beautiful ones I compose in my head to you all after I've read your posts! They really are quite nice. And someday (soon!), when I'm not running around like a half-crazed person, I will sit down at my computer, and I will pluck those comments from my head and leave them for you to see.

For now, this picture of my darlings will have to do.
(just for the record, it is getting harder and harder to get a good picture of these three together. I took about 15-20 shots of them this morning, and this was the only one that was semi-good. Sigh. They really are goofballs.)

goodbye, goodbye, we blow you kisses!
have a great week, my friends.


alyssa said...

Awwww, how fun! I am dying to go on a road trip! I hope you have a safe drive and tons of fun :)

*CPA* Su said...

I just love the shout out to Jeremy!!

And there are some really great outlets in Primm...bummer you can't sneak a teensy bit of shopping in! ;-)

HAVE FUN!!! As though I even have to tell you that!

Cheri said...

hmm, we know a lovely family that moved from there not long ago! ;) have a great trip and a safe drive!

and....i'm not gonna lie...the $16/night hotel room has left me feeling a wee bit nervous for you. lol

Jenn@the loves of jenn said...

Road trips are the best! Have a safe journey..can't wait to hear about it when you get back!

John McNamara said...

Call me a total loser, but I've just started looking at blogs today. I have known what they are, but have been at home all day long (watching my autistic son on vacation from school)and started screwing around on the computer. I love the simplicity of your blog. It's "peaceful" if that makes sense. Congrads, your the first blog I'm now following. God Bless!

Tristan said...

hope you have a lovely trip!!!!

i would love to know what rosalie is thinking..hahah!

Mommy Diffee said...

Have fun and be safe dear!

Lisa said...

Have fun! My aunt and uncle used to live there, but now they live in Glen Rock.

Sunny said...

Oh my, I second Cheri, I am wondering what a $16 a night hotel room would be like. You MUST tell us! Did you at least read reviews before booking said hotel? I have never heard of such a cheap price.

I hope you have a fabulous trip to see your dear family! And don't worry about not blogging or commenting. We all do the same thing. ;)