Wednesday, April 14, 2010

today, I am...

...glad to be home.

....laughing at myself, because as of right now I have 4 other major events that I've been meaning and wanting to blog. But instead of writing any of those, I'm doing this silly little one. Hey, it's my blog. I'll write what I want, when I want. hehe. (even though Lydia is probably very upset with me right now. loveyousister)

... absolutely in love with my garden. Roses are blooming profusely, watsonia are coming out in glorious bunches, the smell of jasmine fills the backyard, my clematis is about to burst forth in bigger and better blooms than ever, and the camellia bush has given me lovely and luxurious pink flowers. Ah, little garden, you make me happy.

... feeling rather sick. My head, it hurts. My throat, it is on fire. (can someone please bring me a super-duper sized milkshake? Minus the 1,000 calories? Thanks.) Today was supposed to be a day of actually going to the gym, lots of schoolwork and piano students, AWANA and errands. Instead, we are napping and watching movies while I do a load of laundry here and there and try to prevent my house from falling into complete and utter disarray. Which it has a special knack of doing whenever I am the least bit ill. hmmm. glad that my Emma, who started us off on our sickie day this morning by throwing up, seems to be feeling MUCH better now.

... relishing the peace and quiet that fills my little house right now. It's a rare thing, and thus very treasured.

... wondering if/how/when I should chop off my hair....!

...missing my husband. If only he could come home right now and snuggle with me while we watch Sherlock Holmes and Glee (two things I've been waiting very patiently to see). But I suppose I am quite thankful for the fact that he has a job at which to be.... Yes, I am. ;)

... extremely beyond-words thankful for the fact that Mom has been doing so well with her radiation treatments. Today is #15 out of 25, and so far the bad side effects have been minimal. PRAISE GOD.

... listening to the sound of my dishwasher running. It doesn't matter how messy the rest of the house may be or what other chores have yet to be done; when the dishwasher is humming merrily along I can't help but feel so accomplished and industrious. Such a nice little boost! (am I the only one who feels this way? am I weird?)

... incredibly excited and happy because my mom and sisters will be flying into California on May 6, and they will be here for at least 2 weeks. I will finally get to pamper and take care of my mom to my heart's content, the girls will get to enjoy grandma and aunties... it will be SO wonderful. Also: sister-time!! Not to mention, Dean and Sam are coming too. Hoo boy oh boy! (yes, that's right: Supernatural. I blame my sisters for my falling in love with the Winchesters.)

... done rambling at you all, and going to go do some of this myself now.
(isn't she so sweet? I simply had to include this picture, taken yesterday when Annabelle was quite tuckered out.)

Happy Wednesday to you all, my lovelies! xoxo


Stacie said...

Don't chop your hair! I love it! I feel that same way about my dishwasher actually :)

Band of Brothers said...

Your camellia is so, so pretty!

I love your posts. They make me smile. And yes, a whirring dishwasher(and washing machine) is music to my ears.

so sorry you are feeling yucko!

and so thankful your mom is doing ok with her treatments. praying!

alyssa said...

So I was so excited to watch Sherlock Holmes and I totally fell asleep. The first part was exciting, but apparently it didn't keep my interest :-/

Your flowers are so pretty! I have tons of flowers right now, but otherwise our garden is a mess. And the wind the other day blew over my jasmine trellis! :(

Sarah said...

Happy Wednesday to you too my dear. This post made me very happy!

the lady of the house said...

I am so with you on the dishwasher thing girlly & Annabelle has the right idea. I'm going to bed!

Tristan said...

many :)'s!

love that you mom is doing well, i've been praying for her!

i'm lindsey. said...

yay for you sissies and mom coming!!!!!!!

how crazy is it that i totally wrote a post at almost the exactt same time, thousands of miles away, that was in the same fasion of yours?!?!?! we are truly kindred spirits :) hehehe

do post pics of your garden. as im sure its splendid.......

Lydia said...

I am rather upset....haha but this is a rather adorable blog and you link to dean and sam so really how can I be mad at you???
Hope you're feeling better sister!
See you in three weeks. <3

Lauryn said...

So sorry you're note feeling well! But very exciting that you have a family visit to look forward to :)

I too am waiting for a certain male companion to come back so I can catch up on the DVR! That's the downside to both liking the same shows!

Jerusha Abigail said...

Your garden sounds just lovely! I love springtime for the flowers. I'm sorry you were sick and hoping you feel aaalll better! Have you gotten to watch Glee yet??

I get to see you in 20 days!!! Hip Hip Hooray!! And I can't wait to watch dearest Sam and Dean with you too. :) oh yes.

Love you muchly! Oh and Annabelle is so adorable.

Sunny said...

Two weeks? At least two weeks?! Oh my dear, that is absolutely fabulous! I do love having my dishwasher or washing machine going. Even if it is the only thing being accomplished, it does feel so good. Write what you want when you want to. We'd read anything you throw at us. :) Love ya!

Jenn@the loves of jenn said...

So glad your mom is doing well with her treatments. Praying daily for her.

.jimaie.marie. said...

oh sleeping babies, they are my very favorite. Just looking at them while they sleep quietly and watching them dream and their little chests moving up and down with the breaths they's so peaceful isn't it? I am beyond elated that your mom's treatments are going well, this is what we've all been praying!! <3