Monday, February 22, 2010

Wherein I direct you to a guest post by me.

hi friends!! as you might know, I am in Denver right now, with my three girls and minus my husband (sad face... I miss him), having an altogether lovely time with my amazing family, eating too much yummy food and staying up much too late with my sisters and watching my children play in the fresh-fallen snow.

But... more on all that later, when I am home again.

Today, I'm not blogging here at my own little home, but I was asked to do a guest post for the lovely Lauryn of Laureality, while she is on a tropical cruise (I know, jealous much?). Lauryn has become a great bloggy friend over the past year or so, and I always so enjoy reading what she has to say. I'm sure many of you already "know" her, but if you haven't, go check her out and give her a read!

Also, you know you all want to go leave a comment on my post... Lauryn and I would BOTH love that, I'm sure. :)

have a wonderful week, my lovelies! be back soon!