Tuesday, October 13, 2009

mighty pleased.

today, amidst the swirling dust filling our Bakersfield air (ew), we made our way to the mall, my three girls and I. After a brief stop in See's candy to get our free samples (yum), we got down to the business of the day: shopping for fall clothes. You see, with our cooler temperatures finally here, Emma has been wearing jeans that are starting to show her ankles. And Rosalie has been wearing long socks and onesies to bed since she has no warmer pj's. This simply will not do.

Well, I most happy to report that our expedition was a smashing success. After only two stores --The Children's Place and Old Navy, many clearance racks, and lots of strangers telling me how cute my baby is in her leg warmers (it's true, she is), we came away with all of this:


That right there is
3 pairs of matching pj's (how fun is that?)
10 shirts
4 dresses
2 incredibly cute plaid hats
2 pairs of shoes
1 pair of knee-high socks
4 pairs of leggings
3 pairs of pants
2 baby rompers (I think that's what they're called?)
and 3 skirts.

Everything all together cost less than $150. Now, in case you didn't do the math, that is an average of a little over $4 per item.


As a reward for my diligent bargain-hunting, I got myself a few things too... of course. :) These adorable flats literally fell into my hands as I was rummaging through other things. The fact that they were children's shoes didn't stop me from purchasing them. (what. I have small feet.)
I had to laugh at my $2 shirt because really, it's just so true for us right now. And in all honesty it will probably be worn as a pj shirt-- while we watch TV and cuddle and be the homebodies that we are. Very appropriate indeed.

So, yes, I am quite pleased-- and grateful-- with the results of our afternoon's endeavors, and very excited to dress my girls in their fun new things.


I think they're pretty excited too. New clothes are always a cause for glee, wouldn't you agree?


Litchfield Family said...

old navy clearance is the BEST!!!

molly june. said...

yay for new fall clothes!! :) we just had the same shopping trip this saturday! a&e were in desperate need of some pants that weren't shants! ha! get it? short pants? bu-dum chiiiing! aren't girls the bestest?! shopping sprees are so much fun!

lorieloo said...

WOWZA. seriously awesome shopping skills! and your girls are just TOO cute. =)

Tristan said...

woo hoo!! new clothes!!!!

Megan said...

Ok, I think the true blessing of the day is that you're still a happy woman after shopping with three little ones. : ) GREAT finds- I especially love your shoes!

Lydia said...

I'm a little disappointed that there isn't a picture of your cute baby in leg warmers...I mean come on. =)

Cute clothes!! Makes me want to go fall shopping. I found purple boots! i have to have them. NOW. hehe
much love!

sufferingsummer said...

so cute! we are headed out tomorrow on a shoe hunt for my poor girl who has been squeezing herself into too small summer shoes...guess it's time :) Now I'm inspired. Indy would want to wear all those clothes at once she'd be so excited!
oh and I also wear kids size shoes...isn't it the best for finding cheap but cute shoes?!!!
YOu are all the most adorable little homebodies:)

Band of Brothers said...

i am particularly fond of the raspberry colored skirt with the mustard yellow accents. i think i even pointed it out to lorie last time we were in old navy. is that where you got it? (Lorie was still pregnant and i was trying to get a feel for her style in clothes in case she had a girl).

and i love your shoes! so cute!

Jerusha Abigail said...

what adorable clothes!! I adore shopping trips like that! :)

but i'm with Lydia, I was really hoping for a picture of Rosalie in leg warmers...sheesh. ;)

May I steal your flats?? I have small feet too, you know!
i miss you guys

*CPA* Su said...

I must agree with the sisters...seeing that adorable baby and her chubby leg rolls in leg warmers must be a site for sore eyes!! :)

You SCORED big time my friend!!!! I completely LOVE Old Navy and their clearance racks...there is simply nothing better!

Mommy Diffee said...

Wow I am so impressed! I was hoping for a picture of a cute little baby in leg warmers though! And I LOVE your shirt ... I would SO wear it out! You are too cute Talia =)

Kourtni said...

Well, it's decided. You're taking me shopping and showing me your bargain shopping ways. I am your student... teach me. ;)

Kayla said...

YAY! for bargains! :)) I am sadly disapointed that there is no picture of that cute little baby girl in leg warmers though! :() lol All these clothes are fun looking and very cute! WAY TO GO MAMA!!

Lauryn said...

Wow, crazy deals! I LOVE a good sale, and I swear when it comes to kids clothes sometimes I want to procreate just so that I can dress babies in cute clothes.

Obviously that's not a good enough reason, but it's tempting.

Sunny said...

I so want to go shopping now!! I haven't even started looking through the boys' stuff to see what still fits and what we need to buy. I should do that soon. I love your shirt and shoes! And the girls are so cute laying across their new clothes! I want to buy a bunch of clothes for myself and do that very thing. :)

Sara said...

Jackpot!! So cute and so fun! I love shopping with the girls!

.jimaie.marie. said...

oh wowwwwweeee! look at all that CUTE little girlie loot!!!!!!!! I love shopping for my kids, isn't it SO fun?!
i love that you got them matching jammies! i love matching jammies! lol! oh who am i kidding, i just love matching! ;)

Mom said...

Missed this one too!:( Love the picture with Emma and Annabelle swimming in their sea of new clothes. How fun is that? Makes me fondly remember our family shopping trips with you all in tow and returning with bags of new things and having to do a fashion show so we could have everyone else marvel at how wonderful and stylish we looked!

Megan said...

Ok, I'm finally looking at this on a computer rather than my phone and able to see more detail. I saw those shoes in Old Navy- your shoes- they are SO CUTE! Also- those tiniest baby crocs I've ever seen?? OH BOY- CUTE!

sarah marie p said...

WOw! Great finds, Talia! And I love that shirt! Staying in is wayyyy cooler than going out in my opinion! And those butterfly shoes are too cute! You got such a lovely pile of loot there! All the pinks and purples! Fun! ANd yes, yay for matching PJs!