Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Almost 10 weeks old!

Rosalie turned 2 months old on May 15th. This Sunday, it will have been a whole ten weeks since she entered our lives and changed our little world forever. And I have to say, the fact that she is already TWO MONTHS OLD is one that astounds me and leaves me a little befuddled. Two months old?? How?? When?? This can't be!! I swear, she really was just born yesterday. The time since her birth has flown by all too quickly. Why, just the other day I was practically in tears because I hated the thought of her being 6 months old. Rational? Maybe not. But I have a feeling this summer will fly by, and then it's September, and poof! she's six months old. I'm just not ready, I tell you!

These pictures were taken a mere month ago...
... wow, she's changed so much even since then!

So what is our Rosalie-roo up to at two months old? Well, our teensy tiny little 6-pounder has come a long way. She's fattened up wonderfully, and I delight in each roll and dimple on her perfectly chubby baby body.
I don't actually know her weight right now, but I do know that she's still the the perfect size for cradling in my arms as I rock her to sleep, or for cuddling on my shoulder as I pat her back. She's definitely grown, but there is still so much that seems so tiny about her-- and I LOVE it. I'm thrilled to report that she will definitely be our brown-eyed girl... our first one! I was hoping we'd have a brown-eyed child this time, as much as I adore that Emma and Annabelle have such beautiful blue eyes. Someone has to match me! :)

The past few days have been a little bit "off" for her-- she's been a bit fussy and wanting to eat a lot, which I can only assume means a growth spurt. And then, to make up for it, last night she went to bed at 10:30 and slept until 7:45 this morning. AMAZING. It was the first time in quite a while that I woke up feeling completely rested and refreshed, actually ready to get out of bed, praise the Lord. Moms with new babies, take heart!! You really WILL be getting your sleep back before you know it. I don't know if Rosalie will continue this pattern or not (i'm not going to count on it, just in case), but I do feel it is appropriate to insert a happy dance here. Whee!!

She is also down to eating maybe 5 or 6 times a day instead of 9 or 10, and this too is amazing... I actually have time to do other things now! Another whee!

So, as you can see, things are coming along nicely over here in baby-land. I just wish sometimes that I could slow time down a teensy bit, and keep Rosalie a baby forever (of course, I also wish that I could snap my fingers and my house would be permanently clean... but I digress). There are so many, many things that I love about this age, and so many, many things I want to remember forever about her babyhood and the way she is right now.

The way she loves to blow spit bubbles.
How she fits so perfectly into her swing and enjoys it so much that it lulls her to sleep almost every time.
Her funny little half-smile that she gives when you're talking to her.
The way she sleeps with her little fist up against her mouth.
The way her lips get all smooshy and squishy and adorable when she sleeps.
The funny little noises she makes when she gets the hiccups. The way she curls her toes under when she's eating. The way her tiny baby sneezes end in a little talking noise. The way she loves to have her feet played with as she lays on the floor. How she'll stop nursing to look up at me and coo. How she always has such a surprised and alert look on her face when I pick her up first thing in the morning. And then how she smiles so big when I lay her on her changing table to change her diaper right away. The way she LOVES to be talked to by mommy and daddy or her big sisters, and how she responds with her own precious baby language of coos and goos. The way she grunts and then toots in her sleep (seriously, it's hilarious).
And oh, there are probably about a million other things I could add to that list.

But, as much as I am sad to see her growing and changing so quickly, it also makes me incredibly excited. I can't wait for each new stage that we will get to experience with our little girl, and I'm so grateful to God for each day that passes with this third darling daughter of ours.


p.s. really though, can't she just stay a baby forever and ever?? No?? Sigh.


Jenn said...

She is so adorable. I love those baby rolls...and I love her headbands!

Steph said...

Look at how big she's gotten since I was there! And those dark eyes! So pretty! Gosh I've been just drooling over all these photos for a good five minutes now. Maybe it's time to stop. hehe!

alyssa said...

She has the cutest clothes and accessories!!! :) I cannot believe it's been 2 months already since you had her...that is crazy. Time flies by so fast. She looks very happy!

Tristan said...

She is so pretty and perfect!!

Megan said...

Oh Talia! It is so SO obvious how much you adore her and I LOVE that. How blessed she is to have a Mommy who cares so much, and not to mention has GREAT taste in accesories! Nothing, and I mean nothing better than a big bow or flower on a baby girl. You are a Mama of THREE- so much to be proud of

Kayla said...

She's just so adorably cute as a button!! I think she looks alot like you too! :)) which makes you cute as a button too! :)) LOVE YA GIRLIE

Jerusha Abigail said...

Oh my goodness, sister!! she's so beautiful and adorable and precious and sweet and the cutest thing!!! I can't get over her cheeks and lips and smile and chubby little legs and arms. I love her. I LOVE those sleeping pictures...the sweetest things! I just want to kiss her all over! She's growing too much without me.
Such a darling post! What a wonderful mommy you are. :)
I LOVE YOU, cuppycake!!

caitlyn said...

Ahhh she is soooo beautiful. I cannot wait to see her again soon!

Misty said...

She is so beautiful!!!! :)

*CPA* Su said...

Where does the time go?! She's so adorable...I think she looks a lot like Emma, huh? And all of those precious things you listed...I know you hold each and every one so dear! And just think, even if this baby is growing up, I'm sure you'll probably get to have another one before too long! :)

Elijah said...

I think instead of Rosalie-roo, you should use her Elijah appointed nickname of Rosa-rumble. So much more fitting considering her chubbiness.

Sunny said...

I am so happy to hear she'll be your little brown eyed girl! She is growing so fast! She is not the scrawny little newborn anymore. Chubby babies are just the CUTEST thing ever!

molly june. said...

the smooshy squishy lip picture just did me in :) she is just a dolly, that rosalie! makes me miss my baby girls...sighing right there with you. you are such a good mama! xo

The Thompson Family said...

Okay, seriously, I LOVE her roley poley cuteness. It's amazing how much she's grown. And the bows...adorable! Where did you get the headbands from?

design gal said...

she is simply beautiful! what a blessing to have such a sweet family!

Mommy Diffee said...

What a perfect post! I just love her eyes! Ok you have my plate and I have something for you, so ... play date VERY soon?!?! XOXO =)

sohobutterfly said...

She's such a beautiful girl, Talia. I cannot believe she's 10 weeks old either!! Time flies!

*jimaie.marie* said...

oh goodness she is SO beautiful and so squishy and SO precious!!!! I love it! wow, i can't believe she's almost 3 months old, what the heck!! Dont you wish the first year would go like twice as SLOW?? It makes me so sad that time flies by so quickly.

Olive Oyl said...

She is so beautiful! Love her!