Thursday, February 12, 2009

tidbits and such

Hello and Happy Thursday, my dears! This will be a bit of a catch-up post, as there are several things I've been wanting to write up in a blog. So! Here goes!

Last week I mentioned a date night that Jeremy and I were going to have, and some of you have since asked what I thought of the restaurant and the movie. Bakersfieldians, you MUST visit Moo Creamery. YUMMY. We both ate way too much, but enjoyed every bite. If you go, just be aware that there may be a bit of a wait-- it's a very busy place (yes, even on a Tuesday night!). We barely made it to our movie showing on time. I'm so glad we were able to see Slumdog Millionaire. It's one of the best movies we've seen in a long time. Yes, it's well-acted and filmed in a style that suits the story perfectly, and the music is exactly right for each scene-- but it was even more than that. It's a story that is heart-breakingly sad at times, and even disturbing since it graphically portrays parts of the Indian culture we'd really rather not know about in our sheltered lives... but it's also a story that is simply beautiful. Karen wrote a bit about it that says it much better than I could. But I will say that this movie stayed on my mind for some time after we left the theater... in a good way. The amazing love story that is woven so bittersweetly throughout all the ugliness is really uplifting.

All in all, a perfect date night-- lots of laughter, talking, hand-holding, scoping out how handsome my man is in his black leather jacket, and great food and a movie to top it off. I'm cherishing the few date nights we have left before Rosalie gets here-- I know it will be even harder to get away, at least for a while, once she's arrived. And that's ok, because I know eventually we'll get settled into life as parents of 3, and she'll grow out of the needy baby stage and we'll find ourselves having date nights again... in the meanwhile, however, I shall soak up every minute of alone time with Jeremy that I can!

This past Tuesday was my little niece's 4th birthday. To celebrate, we met Grandma NetNet (my sweet mom-in-law) and Jessica, Faith, and Jason for lunch. And where did we go? Why, to the Country Rose Tea Room, of course. Where else does one go for a girly celebration? It was perfect. The kids were well-behaved, the food delicious (as always), and everyone enjoyed themselves delightfully. At one point Faith sighed, clasped her hands, and said "I love this place." Jessica and I couldn't help but smile as we watched our daughters enjoy the very place where we have made so many memories as friends and sisters with our other loved ones. I hope our girls will always love it like we do and be able to come back often for many such special occasions.

It was so amazing watching Faithie on her 4th birthday. I couldn't help but think of her last birthday, one short year ago. She was still so new to everything around her, and to all of us, having been with us only a few months. And while she was, even then, already an irreplaceable part of our lives and immensely loved by all, it is wonderful to see how that has grown and born fruit this past year. How she has grown and matured as she's become more accustomed to all the changes that have taken place in her short little life, and become more confident and secure in the loving family and home that God has given her. Oh, how I love this girl-- there's no one quite like Faith and she truly is a joy. I adore seeing her and my daughters together, watching their family relationship and friendships blossom as they grow up together-- it makes me so grateful that they get to enjoy such a blessing. And, of course, we can't forget about Mister Jason-- he fits in so perfectly with all these girls, the little man of the bunch. :)

In other happy family-related things, I am so excited to say that one month from today my sister Lydia will be flying out for a visit!! And, the best part? She will be here for a little over TWO whole weeks. Oh, I cannot wait to have her here, for so many reasons. It's going to be so fun to have so much sister time and for Emma and Annabelle to get to enjoy Auntie Lydia as much as they want. And Lord willing, little Rosalie will wait to make her appearance until after Lydia gets here- it'll be so special to have her here for that time. Now, if only my cuppycake Jerusha could come too, my joy would be complete. But hopefully, once baby gets here, the rest of the family won't be too far behind in getting to visit at some point.

Now, onto the weather, always an exciting topic, don't you think? Other than yesterday, when the sun peeped out from behind the clouds and decided to grace us with its presence after all, the weather here has been very cloudy and rainy. Cold, too! I really love the rain, immensely, but it does create a hardship where small children are concerned: they have all that energy and no place to get rid of it, since obviously I can't send them outside to play in the cold and wet (can I??). At one point I looked at my kids who were running like wild banshees through the house, being silly and making more noise than I care to admit, and felt like I was about to go crazy too! And then, oh then, a wonderful idea came to me, something that would possibly save us all from insanity: the button jar.

As a little girl, I remember looking through my mom's button jar, loving the feel of the different shapes and sizes running through my fingers, and making all sorts of patterns and pictures with the various colors. I am happy to report that my girls are just as enthralled with the button jar as I was. They dump them all out on a blanket (so they won't get lost and can be picked up easily-- my rule), and then the fun begins. Making letters and button pictures, sorting colors and shapes, seeing who can find all the flowers or the stars, counting how many heart buttons there are... I kid you not, they have spent HOURS with these buttons lately, and every day "the button jar" is the first thing they ask for. I can safely say that the button jar has been my savior these past few days when we've been stuck inside yet again and again.

So, thank You, Lord, for the beautiful rain you've given us lately and the time it's allowed us to spend together, even though my attitude really stinks sometimes... and thank You especially for buttons and two little girls to enjoy them!

It just goes to show, I've realized yet again, that sometimes it really is the simplest things in life that bring the greatest joy and the happiest memories.


Jerusha Abigail said...

Aw! This was SUCH a sweet post! I'm glad you had such a wonderful date night with Jeremy! I really can't wait till I'm married and get to go on my own fun little date nights with MY husband. :)
Faith is such a little darling. All those pictures of the little girls together are really too precious. I miss the country rose tea room. I loved going there. Perfect girly place indeed!
I really wish I could come with Lydia too! But another time we shall have our sister time. SIGH. I just need patience and need not to be jealous, although I can't help that much really. It IS you and the girlies and California after all! :)
Oh, the button jar! I remember sorting through all of mom's many buttons! What fun that was. My favorites were always the pretty flower ones. :)
And this comment is getting long, sorry!
I love you, cuppycake sister dear!!

Tristan said...

Such a sweet post!! I adore the last pic :)

alyssa said...

Hey...I know all those little kidlettes! :) Faith looks SO adorable...that's so cute that you ate there! Have you seen the button packs at Michaels??

I LOVE this weather!

Steph said...

I'm glad you guys had a great date night! I think Cait would tell you that our trip to Moo Creamery for lunch left much to be desired. :( I think I went in expecting too much though.

I'm so glad you all went to the Country Rose Tea Room for Faithie's birthday! Gosh that picture of her and Emma is too darling! They are becoming so grown up.

Lift Up Your Hearts said...

What a sweet post! We too had a button jar growing up! Canaan saw the button pics and said, "uh-ohhhh. clean 'em up!" LOL

Nickie said...

I had a button jar as a kid also...But with all the the moving I have done I have lost the jar somewhere...It might be in a box in the garage. My mother n law has let my son borrow a button jar of hers and he loves to play with the buttons also. With all the toys these kids have buttons keep them busy the longest. Isn't that funny.. Your little ones are so cute...Cant wait to see number 3.

Kourtni said...

Your date night sounds like it was awesome. I'm so glad you got a chance to do that... and I hope we get to see that movie and try that place soon too. Sounds like it was all wonderful!
I loooove the pics from Faith's bday. It's so appropriate that you girls went there.
I bet you are SO excited to see your sister!! I can't imagine what it's like to live so far away. I bet you girls will have an amazing time.. and I hope the baby will be here!! (she will)
Looks like your girls looove their button jar! What a good idea! We've talked about the kids being so restless lately... good for you for figuring something out!!

Lydia said...

This post was wonderful!! Your date night sounds like so much fun! I'm looking forward to seeing that movie.
Aww faith's birthday looked so fun. That place is so special. And pretty!! I feel so much like a girly girl when I'm there.
You have no idea how excited i am to be coming!!! It's gonna be fantastic! I do wish jerusha could be there with us as well, but we'll still have fun!
The button jar! Gosh I loved our button jar. It was magical to me. lol I never knew buttons came in so many different shapes, sizes, and colors. Going through that jar was one of my favorite things!

I hope it rains while I'm there. ashlei and i want to dance in it!It seems like we never get rain here so I would be glad to have some.
Ok so this is pretty much a novel now so I'll stop.
I love you!! and can't wait to see you! kisses from your Brattina.

Cheeziemommie said...

Your lil ladies are looking so very grown up in these pictures!!!! I'm sure they'll seem even more so when lil Rosalie gets here!

Jerusha Abigail said...

oh, Nicole and Rachel and Elsa are all coming!! yay! it's been FOREVER! :)
ps. kiss your girls for me!

Kayla said...

Awww First of all I love this post how cute! Love love love all the picture's of the kids as well! The button jar is FUN my grandma used to have one of those and Alicia and I used to play with them all the time! Aww so many memories! LOTS OF LOVE MY DEAR!

caitlyn said...

Oh my goodness I love that picture of Faith and Emma. They both look so far beyond their few little years. I love all those kids so much :) And what could be a more perfect place to celebrate a birthday than the Country Rose??

This was a wonderful post!

(And yes, unfortunately we did not have a good experience at Moo Creamery. The food was good. But it did take a very, very long time and the service just wasn't great at all. Luckily we got there in time to grab a table! But I definitely do want to go back to try some of their ice cream!)

Olive Oyl said...

I love MOO creamery. Their burgers are the BEST I have ever had! said...

This is so adorable!

I love every post about your little family. :) Super cute.

And thank you for your sweet comments on Etsy, too. :)

(Your shirt looks really adorable, you should have done a full body/belly shot!)

*CPA* Su said...

MMMM...I think that Moo Cremery sounds yummy! We'll have to check it out! So glad you had a great evening with your hunny! Can you believe you will have Miss Rosalie in just a month?! It feels like you just told us all you were expecting!

That pic of Faith blowing out her candle is sooo precious! I'm so happy that those two darling children were blessed with such a loving family!

And YAY for Auntie Lydia coming! I told her you should have a small bloggy party so some of us Bako-ians can meet her sweet self too! However, since you will be within days of giving birth, I will understand if that doesn't happen! :)

Sunny said...

So much fun going on in your life! It looks like Lydia and I will almost cross paths in the air, haha. I am so glad she'll be able to visit you for two whole weeks! It'll be so nice for her to be able to help out around the house while you tend to Rosalie. (That IS why she's coming, right?! ;))

shan said...

Your girls are so cute and I loved the story about the buttons! Aren't they the greatest?! Oh, and you're lookin fabulous girl! :)

sarah marie p said...

Hi Talia! Sorry I've been such a bad lil bloggy friend! :( I've been thinking about you and reading though!

I'm so glad you guys had such a wonderful date night! Yay! Yeah, Slumdog Millionaire was so good ... and so sad. Totally reminded me to be grateful for all that I have.

Aww, happy birthday to Faith! I love that she said "I LOVE this place" -- so cute!

And you look so cute in that picture of you and Faith!

I love, love, love how much the girlies love the buttons! It's so adorable! I hope when I have kids one day that they are amazed by simple stuff like this too!