Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I'm 37 weeks pregnant.

37 weeks!

It's gone by so quickly, in all honesty. And I'm grateful for that, because let's face it, nine months is actually a long time-- especially when you're pregnant and hormonal and fat and tired and yucky-feeling and everything else that comes along with it. (don't get me wrong, it's a wonderful blessing, but, it's also a lot for your body to go through... you know what I mean).

I know this baby will be here before we know it, that these last couple of weeks will fly by just as quickly, especially with everything that is going on in our lives. And while I'm so grateful for how quickly this time has seemed to pass, and while I'm certainly trying to enjoy these last couple weeks as a family of four before a new little one enters our lives and completely changes everything... I have to say, I'm ready.

SO ready.

I'm ready to have room on my lap for my daughters during prayer or story-time.

I'm ready to hug my husband from the front, nothing between us, and REALLY feel wrapped up in his embrace.

I'm ready to eat a slice of pizza without fearing the dreadful heartburn that is sure to follow.

I'm ready to be able to bend over and pick up something without looking (and feeling) like a sumo wrestler or something as equally ridiculous.

I'm ready to wear normal clothes (hello, adorable spring fashion!).

I'm ready to sleep on my stomach or my back-- ah, how I miss the comfortable sleeping positions!

I'm ready to do the "things married people do" without such difficulty. (what can I say, I miss my husband!)

I'm ready to wear cute shoes again (my feet are like ballooooons!)

I'm ready to work out! This booty needs to get back in shape, for sure.

I'm ready to not have to pee every twenty seconds.

I'm ready to have the energy and desire to do a full day's work, and to be the kind of wife, mom, and homemaker I really want to be.

But most of all, I'm ready to meet my daughter. To see little Rosalie for the very first time. To hold her, and kiss her soft baby head, and have her tiny fingers wrapped around one of mine. What will she look like-- will she have blue eyes or brown eyes? Hair or no hair? Jeremy's nose or mine?

I'm ready-- ready to welcome this new little person into our family and fall in love with her, to watch her little personality develop as she grows. I can't wait to see Emma and Annabelle with their little sister, how they will love her and care for her. And I am so looking forward to seeing the man I love with a brand new daughter who will wrap herself around his heart and claim it, claim all our hearts, in her own unique way.

Just as these two adorable girls have already done.

I can't even tell you how much Emma and Annabelle love their matching "Little Miss Giggles" shirts. Just putting them on brings out the giggles in my girls. (totally worth the $1.38 I paid for them :)


Jenn said...

Such a sweet post. That is an adorable picture of your girls!

Shannon said...

This was so heart warming. And the little miss giggle shirts totally remind me of when I was little- I used to love those characters! Where on earth did you get those for $1.38??

ps- your girls are precious!

Tristan said...

yayay! Your girls are so cute!!

Cheeziemommie said...

You are so cute Talia!!! I can't wait to "meet" your lil girl either! It sure did go by fast!

alyssa said...

Hmmm...where's the picture? :) I can't wait to see the new little one!!! Eeep!!!!!

I LOVE their shirts! Those characters are so cute!

Talia said...

Shannon-- Target clearance rack! One of my favorite places to shop :)

lorieloo said...

I'm excited too! And praying that this Saturday is as beautiful as this week has been!!

*jimaie.marie* said...

What a fab deal on those shirts! Clearance racks are the best!!!

I'm so excited for you to meet your little girl, the end of pregnancy just seems to draaaaaaaaag on forever doesn't it?
C'mon Rosalie! It's time to meet the people who love you! :D
Hang in there Talia! Take (whats hopefully) one last belly picture for us :D

sohobutterfly said...

Those shirts are adorably cute! I cannot wait to meet Rosalie either! C'mon baby girl!!

RachelRuelas said...

I don't even know you and I'm SO excited for you also!! :) What a great new stage in your lives!!! I cannot wait to see photos of the new babe.
God bless you soon to be family of five!
Rachel said...

I REFUSE to believe that you are anything less than adorable right now.

Also! Can I just say how curious I've always been about how you...*ahem* when you're pregnant?!

I mean, apparently it can be done - but I JUST DON'T SEE HOW!

Anyway. :)

*CPA* Su said...

My how time flies right on by!! I love your post-baby to-do list! :) All those little things we take for granted until they just aren't so easy anymore! Can't wait to see her...and ummm I think that means we are waiting on pics of a super cute baby room, right?!

shan said...

love those little shirts! and i can't wait to see pictures of little Rosalie when she comes! your family is so cute- i really enjoy your blog!

Sunny said...

I LOVE that picture of your girls in their cute matching shirts. Oh I can't wait to see all three girls in matching shirts someday. :)
Enjoy these last few weeks! And yes, we totally need a final baby belly picture. :)

Jerusha Abigail said...

I totally love the girls in their matching shirts! how adorable! I kinda want one of those, honestly. I'm pretty giggly right?? ;)
I can't wait to have another niece! :)
i miss you all

Steph said...

Oh now those shirts are adorable! Look at those two little girls, they are going to be the best big sisters! :)

Sunny said...

TALIA! I just saw a couple of pictures of you and the family over at Lorie's blog! OH MY WORD! You look gorgeous! I can't wait to see more! What a busy day you had on Saturday. ;) Your shower was lovely and I think Jessica hit the nail on the head when she said you were an encourager. That is the perfect description of you. Love you girl!

Misty said...

i LOVE those shirts!

I can't believe you are already 37 weeks!

oh, hello friend. said...

37 weeks, my goodness SOOO exciting!!
Congrats! I can't wait! ;) I'm sure you're so ready too!

Your girls are so precious. and i love those little tees! $1.38? What a deal!

Sara said...

Such a sweet and funny post!