Sunday, October 26, 2008

Memory Lane

Hi everyone! I'm Talia's sister Lydia and I blog over at Sweet Nothings. Today I get the pleasure of guest blogging for my seester while she is away in Disneyland!
I have quite a lot to live up to considering how wonderful Talia's blogs always are, but I'll do my best!
I thought I would take all of you on a trip down memory lane. I promised Talia that it wouldn't be anything too embaressing. =)

Our family has lived in quite a few different places, starting out in Minnesota and some of us ending up in Colorado. Talia was always the good big sister, no matter how many times our other sister, Jerusha and I would steal her gum. haha We all grew up pretty close and none closer then we three girls.
There are so many memories I have of the fun things we've done together. When we were littler one of our favorite things to do was play dress up and even now that we're all older, we like to go to department stores and try on all sorts of dresses. You would not believe the giggles and good times we can have doing absolutely anything together! It was hard when we moved to Colorado and Talia and her family stayed in California. We don't see each other near as often as we would like to, but we have discovered that being seprarated has made appreciate what we have as sisters even more! When we do get to get together the best times always follow!
One memory I have is when Jerusha had a birthday party and there were about 7 or 8 girls there that spent the night. All of us girls crammed into Talia's bedroom and she told us ghost story after ghost story. Some of them got so scary that a couple of the girls had to leave the room. Keep in mind we were 12 and under. =)
Talia and I are quite fond of going to Starbucks and just sitting and talking. We're anxious to be together for the holidays so we can sit and sip peppermint coffee and hot chocolate in the red Starbucks cups!
I've told you some things but I thought it would be fun if I shared some photos of Talia and us growing up!

This is one of my favorites of Talia and I!

There's me in my dad's arm and Talia's holding Jerusha. Oh and those are two of my brothers.

In the pool again except this time my mom is watching us!

My mom actually made the three dresses in this picture. You can probably pick out which one is Talia. I'm the fat one in the chair. haha

Talia and I doing some horse riding.

Jerusha and Talia. Talia is so working those pink sunglasses on her head!

I had to put this one up because all of us look like such nerds!! Talia's in the back with our brother, Elijah and Jerusha. I'm in the front.

This is Talia and I with a little girl from our church in Sutton, NE.

And this is us now trying on dresses as I mentioned before!!
So there's just a little glimpse of some of our childhood! Talia, I hope you're having a fantastic time in Disneyland! I wish I was there with you!
It's kind of exciting writing for Talia's group of blog readers because there are so many of you! My group is definitely smaller considering I just started not too long ago! Well it was a joy writing for all of you! I hope you enjoyed and have a great rest of your Sunday and a great coming week!
"Memory Lane,We're here again,Back to the days, And I'll remember you always, So much has changed, Now it feels like yesterday I went away." - Mcfly


Lisa said...

Oh wow! I can't get over how much Talia looks like Emma in that first picture. :)

alyssa said...

I was going to say the EXACT same thing as Lisa...that's so funny. I love all the pictures!!!!! Good job Lydia!

caitlyn said...

I love looking at old pictures of all of you girls because, like the two girls before me said, all three of you resemble Emma and Annabelle SOOOO much! Jerusha looks just like Annabelle in that first picture of you guys in the pool!
You three are such sweet sisters! There is no better bond than that of a sister!
Good Job Lydia!

Tristan said...

great post!

Kourtni said...

Awww.. tiny Talia and tiny everyone else too! How cute!!

*CPA* Su said...

WOW-I can't believe how much Talia looks like Emma in that first pic! Craziness!! That's so awesome that you seesters are so close! You are truly blessed!!

sarah marie p said...

I'm going to copy everyone else's answer and comment about how much Talia looks like Emma! soooo cute! Loved all the old timey pictures! SO adorable! And the last picture in matching dresses is great too! Yay for sisters!

Steph Corwin said...

I'm so glad you shared these! I love seeing all the old pictures! It's great to hear about your family because it's crazy to realize that I've known Talia for such a small portion of her life, and I love hearing about all your family's adventures! You three sisters are pretty darn lucky to have each other

Sunny said...

What fun to see all of these old pictures of Talia and her family! My jaw about dropped at that first picture of Talia- Emma is a mini-Talia! How cute!

Band of Brothers said...

i guess we all have some sort of consnsus here. you and talia did look so much like emma and adorable is that? i love family resemblences. too cute.