Saturday, July 19, 2008

Prayers and the answers to them.

I know that I've mentioned my "baby fever" several times on here. But there is one thing I've NOT told you about.

I've been worried.

You see, Jeremy and I have been wanting and trying to have a baby since last October. But ever since a little before then, my body has been doing some weird things. I've skipped periods completely. Sometimes I would go 50-65 days between cycles. And lately, that's been the way it is EVERY time. After doing a bit of research, I found that there were several reasons why this might be, why my body would be departing from it's "normal" schedule. None of the reasons were good for a woman who is trying to get pregnant, obviously. And then there is the emotional rollercoaster each month took me on-- "It's been 45 days now, maybe I AM pregnant!" Take a test, it's negative. Two weeks later, still no period. "Maybe the other test was just too early"... so I take another one. Still negative. And then, after even another test a week later, my period finally arrives, defeating my hopes for that time around.... only to have the exact same thing happen the NEXT time around. You do not even want to know how many pregnancy tests I've taken in the past 9 months. I even took one two weeks ago-- negative, of course.

Finally, I made a doctor's appointment. Yesterday, on day 68 of no period, I went in. They took my blood pressure, read my pulse, asked for a urine sample, and then sent me into the room to wait.

So I sat and I waited, sitting on the table, wrapped in the clumsy paper sheet, looking at my feet and wishing it was just a few degrees warmer in there.

I waited, and I was nervous. I've never been to the doctor before because I thought something was wrong with me. What would they say to me? Would they want to do a bunch of tests? My insides were quivering. "What if something IS wrong? What if I can't have a baby right now? What will we do?"

I needed to pray. "God, help me to trust You. Please let everything be ok, but if it's not, help me to trust You. I know You know what's best."

There was a knock on the door, and the doctor entered the room, introducing herself with a smile. She sat down and kindly said "So tell me why you're here today and what I can do for you."

I knew exactly what I needed to tell her, all my concerns and fears-- I had even written down all my previous cycle dates so she could she what I meant. She listened, nodding her head and mm-hhmm-ing every now and then. Then, she put her hand up and stopped me. "You know, I wouldn't really worry about all that."

"Excuse me? I'm concerned here, lady..." my thoughts protested.


"You're pregnant."

"Really????!!!" I'm pregnant. I wanted to put my head in my hands and cry for the joy and sheer surprise of it, and that is just what I did when she had left the room a few minutes later.

Oh, thank you, thank you, Lord.

I'm pregnant!!!!!!


wishcake said...

I tell you, I nearly squealed with joy when I read this, but then I realized I am at work (sssh, don't tell anyone I read blogs when I'm at work) and it may not be the best idea to do a happy dance of delight at this time.

Maybe later.

That said, I am SO happy for you! A small part of me is all, "Um, does this lady NEED any more perfectly adorable children to taunt us with?" But that's just my own, personal baby fever talking. You know how I roll.


What a blessing - you will have three little munchkins. Perfect! I can't wait to hear all about your adventures in pregnancy, my friend!

Morgan said...

AHH!! I actually squealed out loud too when I read this -- congratulations, Talia!

Steph Corwin said...

Yay for another adorable little cousin! I am so excited for you! And because you are so undeniably adorable when you are pregnant. I just can't wait to see you as you go through this journey again.

Megan said...

OH my GOODNESS friend! I flat out burst into tears when I read this! I am THRILLED FOR YOU! And thrilled for me too, to get to go through this with you! And, I'm a little sad that all these "I'm pregnant!" announcements could've probably hurts just a little in the midst of really trying. I'm sorry Talia. Oh, but I am SO HAPPY! SO HAPPY! Congratulations and praise God he's blessing amazing parents with another child!

Ashley said...

AHHHHHHHHHH! Oh my god! I'm so happy for you guys! So happy! Congrats, Congrats! Can't wait to read all about your journey.

Sarah Marie said...

Talia! Congrats!!!! I'm so, so excited for you! This is so freakin wonderful! You are the cutest thing ever and I can't wait to see your third adorable child! And of course, as Ashley said, read all about your journey! When I read this post, it seriously brought a tear to my eye. I'm so happy for you! You are the best little mommy and baby #3 is going to be so lucky to have such amazing parents! Yay for you!!! Oh man- and I love how the doctor kept you hanging for a second and let you tell her about your worries- what a wonderful surprise though! Congrats!!!!

Megan said...

Ok I need to just keep my panties on and be patient. But when are you due?? xoxo

caitlyn said...

yay yay yay yay yay!!! i can't wait to meet my new little cousin :)

sounds like you and jeremy are going to need a few date nights before this little one arrives.
and i'll be here to babysit for those nights :)

Sunny said...

TALIA!!! YAY!!! What a great story to tell this new little one about how much this baby was wanted and longed for and then how you found out! Congratulations! I hope you blog all about this pregnancy. =)

CeCe said...

Congratulations!!! Talia that is so exciting!!! I cried as I read this post... and then squealed and clapped with delight when I read the outcome.

I know the pain of a crazy cycle (i have three periods a year... NOT fun)... and the hope and crashing sadness that comes with every negative pregnancy test. I'm so sorry that it took you so long to get pregnant, but PRAISE the LORD for his goodness in blessing your with another child.

Three babies Talia! How exciting!!!

When are you due?!

Lisa said...

Well you already know that I've gone through the whole crazy cycle thing. I am so, so happy for you. So let's see that makes five of us now? Yay! Lots of new babies! Woohoo!!!

jennym said...


*CPA Su* said...

CONGRATULATIONS Talia & Jeremy!!!!!! I'm very happy for you both!! I can't wait to see the next adorable little one that you two have created!!! You have the most precious kids! Congrats again!!

The Thompson Family said...

:*) Totally crying happy tears for a woman I've only met twice!

CONGRATULATIONS! What a rollercoast of emotions you've been dealing with. I'm so sorry it's been such a trying time, but what a reward! Hopefully you'll be able to figure out this cycle business after the baby arrives, but until then, WOOOHOOO, you're having a baby!

Colleen Sherman said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! I'm so excited for you and your husband. I can't imagine the rollercoaster you have been on. God is good though!

I can't wait to watch your progress.

jerusha said...

YAY YAY YAY!!! i so so excited for this new little niece or nephew! although i'm really hoping you get a boy this time! i'm a little bit sad though that i wont be around this time around for it..your baby wont be the same, i just know it.
but anyways woo hooooo sister!:D:D
i love you!!

Sharon said...

Congratulations again, Talia! I'm so, so happy for you. I totally understand the roller coaster of emotions when your cycle comes and you're not pregnant AGAIN! I went through that for 3 years after Annaliese. But I'm very, very happy for you and Jeremy. Maybe it'll be a boy!

Band of Brothers said...

yipee skippee honey! i am thrilled beyond words! this is so exciting, and i can't wait to see you all glowy. PRAISE THE LORD, HE IS GOOD!!

alyssa said...

Wow!!! That's exciting!!!!! Hopefully I'll be invited to more family gatherings ;)

lorieloo said...


I'm SO excited for you!!!

How awesome, to show up thinking maybe the doctor would have some answers for you-AND THEY DID!!!!

So SO excited for you.

and yes yes, when are you due???

Lift Up Your Hearts said...

OMGOOOOOOOOSH!!!!!!!!! Totally crying happy tears for you!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope said...

Congratulations :)! What exciting news! Wishing you a healthy and happy pregnancy!

Ruth said...

Congrats, Talia!!! That is so exciting and I'm so glad you don't have to worry about taking those dang pregnancy tests anymore!

So, what's your due date??

Emery Jo said...

WOOO HOOO!!!! What an AMAZING surprise!! I'm so excited for you guys and can't wait to follow along on this new journey!! :)

Andrea said...

I was so thrilled to get the call Saturday morning with this great news! There was a song in my heart and smile on my face all day. The two of you are such GREAT parents. Baby 3 coming up... can't wait. Think blue :-)

Cheeziemommie said...

WOAH! What an amazing way to find out! Must have made all those disappointing months worth while! God's timing sure is a funny thing :) CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

sohobutterfly said...

Aiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! I am so so so happy for you. I know I probably wrote this in a previous post somewhere, but I am SO DIGGITY DANG excited for all the photo updates you're going to be doing!! Nothing more beautiful than a pregnant lady, in my mind. Congrats again!!!!