Sunday, June 15, 2008

you've stolen their hearts too

Happy father's day to my husband...

Some of the best, the sweetest moments
in my life have been those when I watch you with our children.
Somday they will appreciate you for all you are,
for all you do,
but right now they love you just because

you are their Daddy.

And there could not be a better one.
Happy Father's Day, my love.


Steph Corwin said...

How sweet :) All those pictures are so sweet.

Jeremy said...

Talia, Talia, Talia...

What an unexpected surprise this was. I cherish it greatly.

You are much more than any man could ask for in a wife.


Sarah Marie said...

This pictures are so sweet...Aww, I love the ocean one, and where your little one is asleep in his arms ... Ok, I love them all! What a wonderful post!

Band of Brothers said...

that was beautiful! you have such a way with words and photos:)

shan & andrew said...

Okay, so I need to come out of hiding too! Thanks so much for your comment on my blog! I've read yours too and really enjoy it! This post was so sweet! :) Oh, and I love how creative the layout of your blog is! SO pretty!

Stop by again sometime!

Paulette said...


Megan said...

OH. I LOVE it. What a light to everyone you and Jeremy are- the love you have for each other and for your girls. You're parents who I think, "Wow, those girls are sooooo blessed." Happy Father's day Jeremy!