Friday, May 30, 2008

Tag, I'm it!

Thank you, lovely Lisa, for the tag! I needed a new post, that's for sure. Here goes:

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~~~~~my joys.

1. My family and friends. I am happiest when I am with those I love, and I've been blessed with many wonderful people to love!

2. Date nights with my love. A rare thing these days, unfortunately.

3. Long, quiet, lazy days at home... also a rarity lately. le sigh.

~~~~~my fears.

1. Losing one of my children, or seeing one my friends lose a child.

2. That I might not be a good teacher to my children.

3. What if I'm really ugly when I'm older? (I know that sounds really shallow and vain, and I'm almost ashamed to admit it, but I really do worry about that, for certain reasons.)

~~~~~my goals.

1. To work out more frequently and get back in shape. I miss loving the way my clothes look on me-- and even more importantly, I want to be healthy and fit. That's me on our two-year anniversary trip, right before I got pregnant with Annabelle. I'd love to be that petite again!

2. To devote more time to prayer each day, as well as reading... whether it be from the Word or other great books that will grow and educate me.

3. To get pregnant (Lord willing!) sometime this year. (Now, I realize this goal might seem at odds with #1, but it is possible to be healthy, fit, AND pregnant!)

~~~~~my current obsessions/collections

1. Watching So You Think You Can Dance on TV. I can't help it, I just love that show.

2. All things lovely and cottage-y.

3. Gardening. Oh, yes, most definitely gardening. I can't go to a store that has a garden section without walking through it and picking up one or two more plants for our yard. I'm LOVING being a gardener!

~~~~~random or surprising facts about me.

1. Dry hands and feet drive me insane, which is why you will find me diligently applying lotion to those parts every night before bed, as well as numerous times on my hands throughout the day. I even keep a small bottle of lotion in a drawer in the kitchen, so I can put it on whenever the need strikes.

2. As of today, I have bangs!

3. One of my favorite things to eat for breakfast is a toasted bagel with low-fat cream cheese and crushed pineapple on top. I call them "sunshine bagels", which greatly delights my girls. And mmm, they are SO GOOD.

Since a lot of the people I know were already tagged for this, I don't think I'll do 5. But, I can think of one gal who is new to the blogging world and might enjoy getting tagged for the very first time:

My good friend Sunny!


Megan said...

How fun that was to read! Yayyy for your goal to get pregnant this year- I have just GOT to see you pregnant, I bet you are adorable. Do you have good pregnancies? Or uncomplicated I guess more like it? And I know this is probably the last thing you want to hear- but you are looking great. I understand the goal to lose weight, cause wow- yeah, I just understand that one. But until you do reach your personal goal, you are still very petite in my book!

Steph Corwin said...

Oh yes I have witnessed and Talia is absolutely adorable pregnant. And I love that first picture of your front door, it is really cute! I can't wait to see your bangs (AND YOU!) tomorrow!! Eee!

Band of Brothers said...

I can't wait to see you all glowy and pregnant... as if you weren't sweet enough:) when my friend was trying to get pregnant she said she couldn't wait to "earn" her gut. since then i've been a little more forgiving of any extra weight incurred.

and lol about being afraid of being ugly when you are old! in the book Captivating(which i really did not love)the authors said the most beautiful women they ever met was like 70 or something.

Band of Brothers said...

oh and i will pray for your pregnant goal!

Lisa said...

Yay a pregnant goal! Then we'll have a couple kiddos really close in age!

Sarah Marie said...

I like that you admitted about the getting older thing- I can totally relate -- and I'm such you are gonna always be one hot momma! You already look so, so young!! OOh-- I wanna see your bangs! How exciting! I bet they look so cute !

Kourtni said...

I just had to jump in here and say that there is no possible way you're going to be ugly... ever. lol

Sunny said...

Aaaah, I'm tagged. :) I'll do it when I get a little more time to think and write. And I know what you mean about getting old and wondering how I'll look. I'm sure we'll all be cute little old ladies together. :)

Paulette said...

I loved learning more about you!! You made me laugh!