Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Pomp and Circumstance in LA

Looking thoughtfully into his bright future, full of promise and.... ok, so it's just a really cheesy posed picture. :)
Our whirlwind trip to Los Angeles to see my brother Elijah graduate from Biola University was just that-- a whirlwind. But it was so fun to have a chance to hang out with him, as well as to be there for such a special event in his life. It's nice that we live close enough to have attended.
The graduation was a packed event. We ended up sitting on a blanket off to the side of the stage, which actually worked out quite nicely for the kids.
Look at all the people! There were about 650 people in his graduating class. Needless to say, the graduation ceremony was quite looooong. Don't worry, we found plenty of things to pass the time.
We took silly pictures,
ate fruit snacks,
and ran around in the grass, playing together and picking up sticks and leaves.

I love my "little bro". And I shall miss him when he goes away to Alabama and Virginia!

"You did it!" Oh yes, he did. For shizz. (Elijah and I talk like that a lot... home-slice.)
Emma did not enjoy wearing his mortar board. Can't say I blame her, it didn't look too comfy.
"Uncle 'Lijah" with his two favorite girls. They really can't get enough of him.
As you can see, I did NOT get to wear my new dress. It was actually very cool and cloudy down there that day. I was a tad disappointed at first, but when we ended up sitting on the grass I was quite glad to be wearing my jeans.

It's hard to believe Elijah is done with college already. He worked hard and did very well. We're so proud of him, and we pray God will bless him as he enters a new season of his life. How exciting!
... and we sent him on his way out into the world with some lovin' and kisses!


Sarah Marie said...

Whoa- it DOES look really cloudy! Especially since you were sitting on the grass, it's a good thing you wore jeans! That's really neat that you were able to see your bro graduate and be there on his big day! I like your silly pics! So fun!

Band of Brothers said...

well, he had the cheeriest, cutest little fan club anyone could ever ask for! and could you explain the origins of this "for shizz" dialect you speak of?

Ashley said...

aw, hope cool you could be there! Congrats to your bro and family! What an exciting day!

Steph Corwin said...

Yay Elijah! These pictures are great, and wow my little Annabelle has quite a head of hair! It has gotten so long since the last time I saw her! I hope you have plenty of other opportunities to wear your dress soon

Brattina said...

i like this blog! i so wish i could have been there but i'm glad you took pictures so i could see! and we get to go to his commissioning together so that's fun! it better be warm!
see you in a week!

Kourtni said...

Oooh! I just figured out how to comment! I'm really dumb. lol I love all your pictures, and I bet you guys are so proud of Elijah. When we drove past the sign for Biola on Saturday, we totally thought of y'all. =)

Sunny said...

It looks like it was a lot of fun! Congrats to Elijah! What is he planning to do in Alabama and Virginia?