Monday, April 14, 2008

The Purse Game

aka, Look At How Much Junk I Carry Around!

I was tagged twice to do this-- first by my good friend Lisa, and then by the lovely Morgan. It's kind of fun to see what other people are carrying around in their purses-- it's like a little window into their lives, I guess you could say.

To make my post about it more interesting, I thought I would wait and do it when I clean my purse out on Monday. Sunday always leaves my big ol' purse an interesting mess of things, due to church and other goings-ons. So here it is, my post-Sunday purse contents:

*Song-sheet copy from our church bulletin. I saved it because it was such a pretty song and I wanted to be able to play it at home.
*Vacation Bible School flyer
*Wipes case and one diaper (who needs a diaper bag with today's huge purses? Yay!)
*Birthday candles. I baked a birthday cake for my step-father-in-laws birthday gathering yesterday, and what is a birthday cake without candles? Just a cake, after all.
*Fruit Snacks
*My adorable wallet that I just love-- and though I forgot to put it in the picture it had, of course, a Target receipt tucked inside. When do I NOT have one of those?
*Neutrogena Hand Cream
*My make-up case (I know, not very cute), which holds all the things below it: a few bobby pins and a ponytailer, Victoria's Secret Pink Perfume, Estee Lauder Pleasures Perfume, Botanics powder compact, C.O. Bigelow Cinna-mint Lip Gloss, Botanics lip gloss, Arbonne lip liner, Burt's Bees lip balm, Burt's Bees lemon butter cuticle cream, and Arbonne lipstick.
*My glasses and their boring black Target Optical case
*Cell phone (black again!)
*Neiman Marcus peppermints. I have no clue where I got those, as I don't usually buy designer mints...
*pack of Orbit gum
*a Princess Jasmine trading card

Also in my purse, but not pictured because there was only so much stuff I could fit in the picture:

Two pink pencil bags filled with crayons, two church bulletins with drawing on them, and one stuffed bunny.

No one would EVER be able to guess I'm a mom from all this stuff, right? :)

I guess I'm supposed to tag a few people, so I will say:

and Davi


Lisa said...

My favorite is the Princess Jasmine trading card.

Emery Jo said...

cute purse!! I really like that little flowery clutch purse too. Adorable...

Band of Brothers said...

ok the very first thing my eagle eyes spotted was the Neutrogena hand cream(though it should probably be called ointment). I use it every other night before bed and I think it' the most wonderful hand gunk in the world. I'v already recommended in to many people, and I think I should be their personal spokesperson. If you ever have chapped knuckles from doing too many dishes, try it. It's amazing and it feels soooooo good.

I'll try to do the tag thing in a few days, since Barbie already tagged me to do it too!

alyssa said...

I'm beginning to think I need to put more things in my purse!

Stephanie said...

hahha I agree the Jasmine card is classic. though I do love your little wallet!

Megan said...

Yes this is most definitely a STYLISH Mommy's purse!

Misty said...

our purses have many similar things... (your handbag is adorable, fyi!) I can't believe all of my things, which were in your purse! Well, then there was the Jasmine trading card! you one upped me there.

thatmompodcast said...


I love to play a rendition of this game at Mother-Daughter banquets. You make a list of items and see who can possibly have the greatest number of them in her bag.

Once I did this and for fun listed an ice cube tray and wouldn't you know of my friends, Shirley, actually had one!

I think she won!