Friday, April 11, 2008

I feel sheepish.

Today, I made a fundamental mistake that no serious blogger should ever, EVER make. I left my camera at home on the desk when I left the house to go meet a friend for lunch. And oh my, I had not gotten more than 50 feet down the street in my car before I was seriously regretting that fact.

There, in our neighbors yard and milling out into the street, was a HERD OF SHEEP.

Seriously. I'm not kidding. A real, live, herd of sheep roaming the streets and yards of our neighborhood. There was at least 15 of them, if not 20. Big, fluffy sheep. The funny thing is that I was so preoccupied that I almost drove by without this preposterous fact really registering in my mind. Then, just as I steered around a sheep, it was like "HOLD THE PHONE, THERE'S A SHEEP IN THE STREET!!!!" Complete double take, I tell ya. It didn't take me too long after that to notice the herd.

If I hadn't been running ridiculously late already, I would have turned my car around, grabbed my camera from my house, and gotten that picture I so desperately wish I had to show you all. Please don't think I'm a crazy lady who imagines farm animals taking over the neighborhood. I promise, it happened. :)

As funny and unlikely as this story sounds, it does actually make sense. We live on what you could call the edge of town, and there is a man who breeds and keeps sheep living not too far away from us. They must have gotten out somehow. What I found amusing was that they chose to enter our neighborhood instead of frolicking (that's right, I said "frolicking") in the field that is RIGHT behind their pens.

At least they didn't eat my brand-new tulips.


Lisa said...

Haha! That is so hilarious. I believe you too because I've been to your house. I suppose it would be a possibility in our neighborhood. Actually they had some sheep grazing on an adjacent field not too long ago...

Stephanie said...

oh how fun! That would have been a funny picture, but you are right you ARE lucky they didn't end your tulips. I planted the cutest hyacinths (I know they were cute because Rene's looked adorable in her garden) but some animal must have thought it smelled good because all the hyacinths got bit off right at the start of the flower. :(

Stacie said...

Talia! Kourtni sent me a picture from her phone, I'll have to send it to your phone so you have a picture too :)

I'm glad they didn't eat your plants!

Megan said...

hahahaha, ohhhh boy do I love it. I wish I could've seen the look on your face when you first spotted the sheep! Probably a combo of confusion, excitement and...what the...? I love it!

The Thompson Family said...

How completely RANDOM!

I too kick myself in the rear all of the time for not bringing my camera everywhere I go.

Scott and Lorie said...


I know and why is that as soon as you leave your camera at home you literally run into the most random-I-need-a-picture-to=prove-this scenarios???=)