Monday, March 24, 2008

taking a blogger's breather...

Whew!! What a nutsy and hectic week and weekend it was. As you can see, I didn't even have time for my well-beloved blogging. But, get ready, I plan to get all caught up this week. As of now, I have 4 different posts brewing in my mind! Doesn't that sound exciting.

It feels good to just be sitting here at the computer, relaxing and typing. The girls are playing outside, my dishwasher is (finally, after three days of a dirty kitchen) running in the background, and the house is quiet after a whirlwind afternoon of three piano lessons with three very rambunctious boys. Sigh (the good, content kind).

I simply must make you all aware of several new bloggers I added to my list over there. First of all, did you see my husband Jeremy has now technically joined us in the blogging world? I am so excited. He has a very nice wit about him and can write really well, when he has the time. But, in order to keep him here, we must be sure to visit often and show him some love, or he may abandon this new venture like other internet capers gone before. Blog away, HoneyBunches!

My lovely and fabulous cousin Stephanie also gets a mention. She's not new, really-- if I remember right, she's actually had her little blog and website for quite some time now. However, she has become a little blogging queen recently! (She's better about posting than I am, which I guess is not saying much, really... :)) And I LOVE it. I don't get to see her that often, so I am very glad for this window into her life. She has the cutest pets, wonderful style on every front, a beautiful little cottage, great ideas, and perfect grammar. There, if that doesn't make you want to get clicking on her page, I don't know what will.

And Last But Not Least, there is a new blog that you simply must check out because it is fun, girly, and fabulous: Mrs. Priss. I barely know Morgan at all in person, having only met her once at Stephanie's wedding, but what I do know of her is delightful. I'm loving her brand-new blog, because it focuses on some of the things that, as a girl, I love-- but, as a busy mom, I find sometimes hard to fit into my life. Reading it gives me some inspiration; if nothing else, it at least makes me FEEL like I am doing something to be stylish and girly. It's such a fun blog idea, and I'm glad Morgan was fabulous-minded enough to think of it.

There, I think I've gotten my blogging fix for today. Onto dinner preparations!

**Edit: In rereading this, I realize I used the word "fabulous" three times. It is highly possible that I've watched too much Project Runway.**


Stephanie said...

Oh well thanks so much for the mention! I really enjoy blogging; it helps me get my writing fix when otherwise the extent of my writing would be boring accounting stuff.

I think we are getting a nice blogging community started... Just have to get Caitlyn involved (though that means I have to make her a layout..)

Morgan said...

Thank you, Talia! I'm pretty much addicted to this whole blogging thing now... I have you and Stephanie to thank!

I'm excited to see what other posts you have in mind -- keep it up! :)

Stephanie said...

I noticed your use of fabulous, but ask Morgan, that has become my new favorite word. And really, there is no other way of describing Morgan's blog.