Sunday, March 2, 2008

The Girl With a Thousand Names

This kid has nicknames. She seems to attract them like honey does bees. I don't know why-- we love the name we gave her: Annabelle Grace. But for some reason, almost every time we talk to her some different little cutesy name is flying out of our mouths. Allow me to share with you a sampling of these many terms of endearment:


"Sugar Booger" ~ A little gross maybe, but still cute. Daddy uses this one quite frequently, and it has existed almost since she was born. Since, it has also evolved into

"Choogie", "Choogs", or "Choogie-Choogs" (Daddy's special favorites) and sometimes I even find myself calling her

"Sugardy-Boogerdy-Bear" ~I know, poor child.

"Sister"~ Her auntie Jessica began calling her this from the moment she was first introduced to Annabelle. We also call her

"Sissy", or "Sister Kisster"~ I love to call her that one when I wake her up in the morning. She almost always greets me with a smile after a big stretch, and then we have our morning cuddle.

"Bazabies"~ you guessed it, another Daddy nickname. It's actually quite cute to hear him address her as such.

"Annabajelle", or "Annabajellybelle"

and last, but certainly not least, there is the nickname that my younger brother "Uncle Elijah" (who is in college and comes to stay with us from time to time) lovingly bestowed upon her:


Believe it or not, even in the middle of all these nicknames (which we are hoping will not give her some sort of complex later in life), we do still refer to her as Annabelle. As I already said, we DO like that name too. :)

So, pick a name, any name. It doesn't matter. She'll answer to anything and and still be the same sweet little darling who can steal your heart with her blue eyes and big smile.


Megan said...

Oh YES, I can DEFINITELY see how she stole your heart- your girls are so SWEET- and not to mention, gorgeous! I absolutely love the nicknames. I was just thinking about nicknames the other day- how I always, always call my sister by hers (Emiles). It's fun!

Emery Jo said...

SUGAR BOOGER! HAHAHA thats so so funny, I love it.

Stephanie said...

aww I love the nicknames! so many I haven't even heard!

Barbie said...

OH MAN! I am the nickname QUEEN! Not only do I have a ton...amoung them are Barbalicious, Barfee and Barbs, Barbarino but I also bestow them on many others.

I also think it's funny how a nickname gets a nickname...hence the evolution of sugar booger to choogs etc. My sister is Christy, but we called her Christa Lou for some odd reason and then Lou. Or Crusty :) I'm sure little Annabajellybelly will hold dear all of her nicknames because they are, afterall, part of who she is :)

Oh and I L-O-V-E her real name!

Paulette said...

I always get slightly offended when people work so hard to make sure their child's name can have NO nickname attached because I LOVE nicknames! I think it's an expression of love and a little connection with the people who you're close to. My mom called me "Sally" growing up which I could never quite figure out. I'd always whine, "Mo-oom, that's not my name." But now I miss it.

Oh, and the little rhyme you shared with me made me laugh out loud. It rang so true! My father-in-law says, "She's a little bit of vinegar with a cherry on top." Sounds like our girls would have much in common! :)