Thursday, November 15, 2007

They're coming, they're coming!!

I am SO excited right now. Part of our wonderful family (by this I mean my Dad, Mom, brothers Elijah and Josiah, and sisters Jerusha and Lydia), who I haven't seen in almost 8 months are coming HERE to stay with us over Thanksgiving!!! They will be here on Monday already and I am so thrilled. I have missed them so very much, as have Jeremy and the girls. It is going to be a wonderful holiday. They haven't even seen our new home yet, so for me, this will be a crowning day for our lives here in our house. We have been so blessed to be able to share our home with our other wonderful family and enjoy such a good time with them, that it has made me so anxious to be able to do that for my mom and dad and brothers and sisters too. PRAISE THE LORD, THEY WILL BE HERE IN 4 DAYS!

Wait..... 4 days?? I'd better go start cleaning and organizing that messy spare room... right now!!

I'm so happy. :)


Lisa said...

Oh Talia! That is so exciting! I am happy for you. That is something I love about our new house too. My sister will be getting in from Redding early in tomorrow morning and my other sister is coming up from San Diego on Saturday. And we can have a true family dinner with everyone at the same dinner. I am so excited. :)

I too have some cleaning and organizing to do!

Stephanie said...

What news! I can just imagine how thrilled you must be :) I hope you have a wonderful time with your family there.

Lisa said...

I tagged you. See my blog. :)

thatmom said...

Talia, give your mama a hug for me!