Tuesday, November 6, 2007

"Is Daddy home yet??"

They wait anxiously for Daddy to come home each day. Here they stand, in their "dress-up dresses" on chairs at the front window waiting for sight of his black truck to come pulling up to the curb. When they see that he is home, they run outside to greet him with hugs and walk with him to go get the mail. This has become their little routine, and I love every time that it happens. It is so precious to see the man I love with two darling daughters who love on him so much.


thatmom said...

I LOVE these pictures! It reminds me of when Mollie and Clayton were about that size (30 some years ago!) and they always watched for Clay to come home. We lived in a third floor apartment and they could see a pretty long distance and got really excited when they saw him, still a small stick man, walking the three blocks from home. Talia, it is fun to see you enjoying these times so much...they go way too fast!

Megan said...

I love it! I just bet your love for him radiates in a way that makes those girls excited to see their Daddy too!