Thursday, October 25, 2007

The mind of a 3-year-old

Here is a (very odd) conversation I had with Emma this morning:

Emma: Mommy, my owie on my leg does hurt so, so much. (note: the owie in question here is a tiny scratch barely 1/2 an inch long)

Me: Oh, that's too bad! Are you going to be ok?

Emma: I don't know.

Me: Can you walk on it?

Emma: No, I can't walk on it! (said with disbelief that I would even ask such a question)

Me: Why not?

Emma: Walking on owies is just not the responsible thing to do. (I kid you not, people. She really does talk like she's 40 sometimes)

Me: Oh, I see. (barely holding in the laughter) Can you tell me why not?

Emma: Well, you see, we have to recycle our owies.

Me: (still trying not to laugh) We have to recycle them? Why?

Emma: Because they are like fake bicycles, just like that horsie is a pretend bicycle at Jessica's (her aunt) house.

?????????????????????????????? Oh, to be inside her little head and know where these thoughts come from...

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Stephanie said...

Taking after her cousin Steph by recycling :) hehe