Wednesday, July 3, 2013

once upon an Easter...

.... my kids all looked really cute. And I took a bunch of pictures. And then I never blogged about Easter, so the cute pictures of my cute kids simply sat in my camera, gathering a thick layer of digital dust and virtual cobwebs.
 photo IMG_1359_zps3059cb7d.jpg
But it's never too late to blog about something, right?
(does anyone even still read my blog? or have you all given up on me? I mean, it's been since May 20 that I wrote something. I wouldn't blame you if you'd abandoned me. I sort of abandoned you. mutual abandonment. how awful.)

ahem. Here are those pictures, for memory's sake.
 photo IMG_1293_zps536cc5df.jpg  photo IMG_1351_zps9a74e441.jpg  photo IMG_1297_zpsd22cd604.jpg  photo IMG_1299_zpsc3842665.jpg  photo IMG_1301_zps15196206.jpg  photo IMG_1302_zpse89770a2.jpg  photo IMG_1304_zps8a1a01ae.jpg  photo IMG_1308_zps47770138.jpg  photo IMG_1309_zps24f23517.jpg  photo IMG_1312_zps5bd9eeeb.jpg  photo IMG_1313_zpsabdfc6f4.jpg  photo IMG_1315_zpse636bab5.jpg  photo IMG_1318_zps77b33aec.jpg  photo IMG_1319_zps6132ab8d.jpg  photo IMG_1354_zps8dd02614.jpg
once upon an Easter uncle Elijah and Aunt Lindsey also came to visit!
They are some of our very favorite visitors.
 photo IMG_1328_zps8fbd086f.jpg  photo IMG_1330_zps42929bdc.jpg
I like this girl, too.
 photo IMG_1331_zps76f6b89d.jpg
once upon an Easter, Bennett and his daddy took some awfully adorable pictures together.
 photo IMG_1362_zps20a7c8f4.jpg
And this? well, this about does me in.
 photo IMG_1368_zps048f8fab.jpg  photo IMG_1366_zps624f55cf.jpg
Happy Easter!!
I mean, Happy Independence Day!
The pictures from our fourth should be posted by Thanksgiving. Dream big, I always say!


Tristan said...

oh my boy is killin' me..ahhh..soooo cute!!
beautiful girls :)

*CPA* Su said...

you forgot to mention how cute their mama looked!

and don't worry - with kids that adorable, you won't be abandoned by many! ;-)

Lisa said...


That boy's outfit! Ohmygosh!

Rachel McDonald said...

Still a faithful reader :-)

bandofbrothers said...

you are adorable and so are your offspring. i will always read if you post!

Danae said...

Still reading! ;D These pictures are beautiful, I especially love the one of Emma with the breeze blowing on her, so pretty! You guys really did look fabulous on Easter! :D Bennett was too much for words, seriously!!