Thursday, May 2, 2013


...I walk around all day singing bits and pieces of Disney songs. I tell myself it's for the kids (because I'm convinced that they LOVE it. They do. I know they do.), but really, I just like thinking I sound like a princess.

...I want to make a box of Kraft macaroni and cheese, and then eat the whole thing, all by myself. I've never actually done it. But someday I think I will.

...I like to add sparkles (I know, "bokeh" is the proper term, but to me they look like sparkles, so sparkles they shall be) to random pictures on my phone. This is why photo apps are wonderful....just look how beautiful it makes every picture! It works on everything!
Uploaded with Phototastic for Windows Phone photo a273ec1b-4b7a-4e8f-8380-5e2b63037263_zps2e08ac02.jpg
Uploaded with Phototastic for Windows Phone photo eb98841d-37f5-4a55-ab1f-9b44557d7e0f_zps3968ebee.jpg
Uploaded with Phototastic for Windows Phone photo bb5b5c48-7128-4fdf-adda-94492e4da036_zps99d404a2.jpg
Even food!
Uploaded with Phototastic for Windows Phone photo 5915d35c-5b7d-4f9b-b16e-b200aefb01db_zps6475e1e8.jpg
(this is a joke, in case you couldn't tell. sparkles do not belong on any of these.)
(ok, FINE. so that third one is currently my phone background. I really do love it.)

...I stay up much later than I should, just because it's quiet and I'm free to do whatever I want, and somehow going to bed feels like I'm giving up something precious. Unfortunately, come morning and all its demands, I always wish I HAD gone to bed. One would think I'd learn.

...I find myself craving more simplicity. And nature. Maybe a picnic and books on a blanket with my little ones, somewhere in a clearing in the middle of the woods, flowers and bees and babbling brooks and sunshine all included. Sigh.

...I play the songs from Pride and Prejudice on the piano and I imagine Mr. Darcy walking towards me across a field in the early morning light. (it's ok, my dear husband knows about my thing with Mr. Darcy... besides, it's a pretty common affliction among women, I think.)

...I just go ahead and put Bennett in the dog crate when he's causing too much trouble.
Uploaded with Phototastic for Windows Phone photo 0ef4175a-66be-4134-961c-5027fc17c0d5_zps5772209a.jpg
(CHILL OUT, I'M KIDDING. He just happened to crawl in there one day while I was putting on makeup around the corner, and like any sensible mother these days would do, I took a picture before I pulled him out and let him go on his free and merry way.)

...I wish I had unlimited time to pour into the people in my life. There's a lot of wonderful ones, and sometimes I feel woefully inadequate when it comes to loving them.

...I find it very easy to trust God. And sometimes, not so much. I'm so glad He doesn't depend on me for His plan to be fulfilled, because things would be a mess, otherwise.

...I have a good hair/makeup/outfit day. When this happens, I take a picture or two to document it. And then I send it to my dear sister Jerusha in Denver, since I know she loves to see my face randomly pop up on her phone (highlight of her day, I'm sure. obviously.) Besides, then I feel like my picture isn't going to waste! (does any of this make me vain??)
Uploaded with Phototastic for Windows Phone photo 198e8764-e24e-47ea-8a1a-07da3dd35729_zpsf05280f2.jpg
...I remember that I have a blog and that the purpose of having a blog is to post on it. Like today!
hello, internet world!! So glad we could reconnect for a wee bit. :)


Tristan said...

yay!! so happy to read you blog :)

and, I don't think you could ever be vain!

*CPA* Su said...

*You're adorbs!!
*LOVE the boy in the pin pic!! Sometimes that's where they belong, right?! ;-)
*Praise God, He doesn't rely on ANY of us or this world would really be off course, wouldn't it?!
*And praise Him further that He's ALWAYS there when we come running back.

bandofbrothers said...

this is one of the funniest posts i've read in a while. hahaha. thanks for the laugh. you are so cute and funny. esp with the p&p reference. you see, i have a thing for mr darcy too... I mean obvi.

and i go to bed toooo late each night as well and i'm kicking myself in the morn .

love you so much!

molly june. said...

talia! you are so dang beautiful. you can send me your pretty mug over the phone any ol' time ;) hehe. I MISS YOU. but i think you know that. love when you blog. keep blogging. even if it's just for meeeeee, the one that never gets to hug you in person, but wishes she could. mmkay?