Monday, March 11, 2013

Eight months.

Bennett-boy is 8 months old today!

(first things first, can we just acknowledge the fact that I'm writing this post on the ACTUAL DAY and not three weeks later? Thank you. I feel like one of those over-achievers right now.)

So, my boy, in honor of 8 months, here are 8 things about you at this age.

1. You are into everything. And I do mean There's nothing you love more than exploring and getting into something-- it thrills you to no end. I often hear you coming with that lightning-fast army crawl of yours (no hands and knees for you, you do it military-style) and see your little face peeking around a corner, ready for your next escapade into mischievousness.
peek-a-boo, mom, I found you!
 2. You love cheerios. Like, REALLY love cheerios. You love eating in general, actually, but cheerios are top notch in your book.
 3. You still don't sleep through the night on any regular basis, and sometimes I get up with you two, three, four times at night before I finally bring you a bottle to quiet your whining and crying at 4 or 5 in the morning. I'm at my wit's end and can't figure out what else to do in order to get you to sleep more soundly. I'd let you just cry it out, but then you keep EVERYONE awake. One of these nights, something has got to change. I love you, but, dude... PLEASE SLEEP.

4. Mommy is tired.

oops, that one is about me.
I do blame you for it, though, so.....

Good thing you're ridiculously cute.

5. Your eyes are blue, blue, blue. This contributes to the ridiculous cuteness that you possess. How I love those blue eyes, so like your daddy's and your big sister Emma's.
 6. Recently, you discovered how much fun it is to pull yourself up on things, and now your favorite thing to do is try to climb on and over anything and everything. Bookshelves, boxes, bins of toys, chair and table legs, your big wooden blocks... anything. As a result of this, you are constantly bumping your head, falling over, and generally banging yourself up. Last night you got your first fat lip, complete with blood. You daring little lad, you... it's nerve-wracking, sometimes. But I don't mind letting you try and watching you go, because when you successfully complete a maneuver, the look on your face and your shouts of joy at having conquered are totally worth it.

7. You are perfectly chubby and round in all the right places and not one of us can resist you. I could just gobble you up.
 8. You give us and anyone who will talk to you the best smiles.... such a happy boy you are during the day! Always, there you are, ready to laugh with that adorable grin on your face. (unless you're frustrated and being ignored, because then you get very mad really quickly and scream and cry to beat the band. But that would be #9, and I'm stopping at 8, so I won't mention that.)

Each day with this little man is an adventure and a blessing. Sometimes I still can't believe we have our very own boy! It still thrills me, especially as he gets older and I begin to see more and more of the boy in him.

Happy 8 months, Mister Bennett, we love you to bits and pieces!


bandofbrothers said...

such a cutie pie! so happy you are enjoying him so much...except for the sleep...dear sweet bennett boy, please let your mama sleep! she will give a whole box of cheerios if you do, mkay?

.jimaie.marie. said...

He is such a chubby delicious little lamb!!! I could just eat him up with those big baby blues! <3