Saturday, January 5, 2013

december, as told by my phone

Since I have rather recently become one of those super-cool people with a super-cool phone, I give you 25 camera-phone pictures of some of our December moments. Thank you, super-cool phone, for helping me to capture such sweet memories.
there was lots of hot chocolate drinking. also, I am a sucker for retro packaging.
we played piano for the old folks and loved every minute of it.

too many sleepless nights, making an exhausted mama and a tired baby boy.

decorating the tree, hanging all the ornaments in that one spot.

playdates of all sorts, some in our pj's on a cold winter morning. dear friends. (thanks to miss Lorie for this one)

feeling festive and fancy, breaking out the red lipstick to spend an afternoon playing piano at a lovely Christmas tea.

dancing in the living room to Christmas carols by the light of the tree.
a wee bit of crafting. actually finding the time to give a few homemade gifts, even if they weren't incredibly original, felt good.

a sleepy pup who loves to be cozy as much as we do.
happy baby boy "helping" his mom wrap presents.
shopping for presents and food, food and presents, with this little lady. no, we did not buy this huge bear. yes, I was tempted. I mean, just look at that smile!
a birthday/ family Christmas celebration at Grandma NetNet's house.
beautiful birthday girl, seven years old!


Bennett, wearer of bow ties and melter of hearts.
cute/silly Christmas cousins.
aftermath of crazy days, of present-wrapping, project-making, four kids and a mommy in holiday mode.
baking, lots of baking. cookies and bars and cinnamon rolls, and holiday bread, oh my.

beautiful chalkboard art by miss Emma.
attempting to take a picture of all 6 of us on Christmas day, in front of our tree...
...and succeeding!
thankful for these days, thankful for my family and friends, thankful for my Savior.
and, I must admit, glad that the craziness is over. :)
now, back to our normally scheduled lives.


Lindsey and Elijah said...

Why are we not in any of these photos? RUDE :)

Danae said...

Talia, I am one of your biggest fans, you know :) I adored every moment and picture you have shared here. Thankful for the beautiful daughter of God you are. You heart inspires me, your friendship warms my soul and lifts my head up to look at Christ. <3 Thank you for sharing all that you do!

Jerusha said...

Yes, I was going to ask the same question as the newlyweds. Did our trip to see you mean NOTHING to you?? I'm hurt. HURT i tell you.