Friday, November 16, 2012

four months.

Today, I bring to you the many faces of.....

This kid. I tell you what. He does not stop.

Always alert and looking around, always excited and fascinated by what he sees around him, always ready to go.

He's bright-eyed and awake almost all day long, and as long as we're on the go or surrounded by people and interesting places, as long as he's being held or talked to, then he's a happy little man.

And if he isn't happy, then he will let you know, in no uncertain terms.

At four months, he's discovering his hands and starting to reach and grab for things, and I have a feeling his whole world is about to get a little bit bigger.

He's rolling over with much more frequency and scooting himself forward on his tummy. Already I can tell he just wants to GO.

I think he might be teething... no little pearly whites poking through yet, but the pooping is out of control. Seriously. SO MUCH POOPING. Someone make it stop. please.

All those diaper changes aside, he gets more fun all the time. He's laughing now, and when he does, we can't help but be completely taken in. His sisters especially practically shine with delight when they get him to giggle. There's nothing like baby laughter!

Bennett-boy, we love you to pieces. You make our world a brighter, happier, funnier place!


bandofbrothers said...

what a complete doll! Love!

molly june. said...

talia! he is so squishy & CUTE!!!
oh good gracious. i love him.
happy 4 months, baby boy!

*CPA* Su said...

Of course he wants to GO...he has 3 big sisters to catch up to!