Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I'd like to introduce you...

... to our son!

Yes, you did read that right.

We had a BOY!!

Nearly two weeks ago this little fellow joined our family:
and we are, of course, head over heels in love with our tiny man.

He's the perfect addition to our three girls, and we couldn't be happier to welcome this blessing into our family.

I look at this picture and I'm kind of staggered by the fact that we have four kids now.
That fact (four children!) and the adjustment it has been is really my only excuse that it has taken me nearly two weeks to blog about such an important and long-expected thing such as the birth of our baby.
Well, that, and the sleepless nights and exhaustion.
and the constant nursing (or in this kid's case, trying to get him to nurse).
and the endless laundry.
and the 3-year old who needs some extra mommy-lovin' whenever I can give it to her.
and two older girls who go a little stir-crazy when we can't leave the house and it's over 100 degrees outside.
and the smooshy baby lips and round cheeks that need lots of kissing, the soft velvety head that begs to be touched, the teeny little fingers and toes that charm me, and the ridiculous amount of newborn baby snuggles that simply must be had.

oh yes, even in the midst of some new challenges, we are in baby heaven over here. It's so fun getting to know this new little person more and more every day, and to simply try to enjoy as much as possible these fleeting newborn days.

someday soon I'll write more about his birth, about what it means to me to have a son, about seeing my girls with a little brother, about life and what it looks like with baby Bennett in it.

And I will share many, many more pictures, of course. :)

But for now, I leave you with his sweet face (those lips, oh those lips!) to melt your heart like it has mine...

Welcome to the world and to our family, Bennett-boy. I praise God for you everyday.


bandofbrothers said...

he is PERFECTION and I could not be happier for you all! How on earth did you break the barrier of 3 girls and end up with a boy?????!!!! Oh yah, I think I might know how that one happens, LOL.

so thrilled to read a post from you, sweet mama! I am so so happy to read about every single little detail that is going on in your house and i will be hanging onto each and every word!

much love to you all!

Lauryn said...

He is beautiful, just like your other three babies :) Congratulations!

Danae said...

that's all i can say... :)We love you!!!!!!!!!!

Danae said...

Silas just walked up and asked me, "Who is that baby, Mom?" I said, "That's Mr. Jeremy's and Mrs. Talia's new baby boy, Bennett. He was in Mrs. Talia's tummy, remember? He's the girls new little brother." He looked at the pictures thougthfully, with his head a turned sideways like he does when he's taking something in, and said, "He's so cute, Mom. I like Ms. Talia's new baby. " :)

molly june. said...

on the floor.
ooooh, sweet bennett boy.
i'm in love with you already.
in LOVE, i tell you.
and 4 kids?!
melted again.
wish i lived close to bring you some homemade pie.
[let's be honest, it would totally be a drive thru shake from somewhere....BUT it would be the thought, right? right. ;)]
love you, talia.
you are a babe.
and you're DOING IT!
you're a mom to 4 KIDS!
and you're lookin' darn right HOT doing it.
wish i could swoop him up right now.
oh, i'm dreaming about it.
okay. longest comment EVER, over.

but i'm just SO happy for YOUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!

katygirl said...

Talia. So glad you posted!!! I loved reading. I also loved seeing you in target. Suchhhh a fun surprise for me. Love reading your blog!!

Sarah said...

what a sweet sweet baby boy. I am so happy for your family :)