Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A letter to Wednesday.

Oh, Today... you sly little thing, you. You whispered all sorts of promises about the things I would get done and how lovely it all would be, and then BAM! you gave me an incredibly grumpy (and LOUD) baby who refused to nap for any length of time or be set down for more than 5 minutes. How rude.

But, even so, I forgive you, Today. Because even though my youngest darling made me want to rip my hair out of my head and stuff it in my ears, you still managed to redeem yourself. Here's why:

I somehow, miraculously and remarkably, was able to finish a painting project that I've been wanting to do since, oh, September. And now I have a funky blue chair (pictures to come) that I absolutely love. Looking at it makes me rather happy.

Emma was a willing worker for school today. And although we hardly accomplished any (thanks to aforementioned cranky baby), what little we did get done was pleasant.

I got to see my niece's face light up in one of her trademark grins when we delivered birthday balloons to her. My newly-five-year-old Faithie makes me smile.

There were new library books to be perused, which made this little girl, aka She-Whose-Hair-Will-Not-Be-Combed, quite happy and delighted.

Bakery muffins for breakfast. Need I say more?

The sun shone almost all day long, and the girls were actually able to play outside while I gave piano lessons. YAY.

And while Rosalie was a handful-and-a-half, she did have a few moments of happiness and contentment, in which she of course managed to win me over again. Just look at her riding her little horsey! It's a good thing she's so incredibly cute. (this very thought entered my mind no less than twenty times today, and possibly about a hundred.)

But, the very best thing about you, Today, is that my mom had another MRI done. And that MRI showed us that her tumor has SIGNIFICANTLY and impressively shrunk in size. There's not much left of it at all! This is good news. GREAT news. And while this does not mean it's all over and behind us, it does give us hope and reassure us that we are indeed moving forward. She will continue to receive chemo treatments until the tumor is completely gone; there's another MRI scheduled for March. The doctor wants to make sure that the tumor (lymphoma) is completely gone... because the thing about these lymphomas is that they have a nasty tendency to come back again (something I honestly try not to think about too much). My mom still needs lots of prayers, as we don't know what all may still lie ahead and there are many things she's dealing with as side effects from all this treatment... but we'll take any positive news that comes and rejoice in it!

So, Today, you might not have been exactly what I had planned on. And you may not have been the very best of your kind. But, dear Today, I don't mind... because I know you were exactly the way you were supposed to be. And for that, I will not thank YOU, Today... rather, I will thank my oh-so-loving, gracious God and Father, the giver of all good things and Perfect Planner of every circumstance. He is immensely good and wonderful, even, or should I say especially, in the midst of teething babies and brain tumors.


Cheri said...

good news about your mom....i'll pass it on to the ladies in our church prayer group....and we shall continue to pray!

Sarah said...

what wonderful news about your mom. You guys are still in my thoughts.

*CPA* Su said...

PTL!! {That was the acronym that my very own mom used in a text when she had positive test results during her own cancer battle.} Do you know what it means?! :) PRAISE THE LORD!!! I think it fits perfectly here! Oh Talia, I know her battle is not completely over, but what great news to know that the treatment is working and the outcome looks positive! While we all trust in His perfect plan and timing, we also know how powerful and successful the power of prayer can be! I am so happy to hear your news...and I know that it overshadowed any gloominess that this naughty Wednesday tried to throw your way! ;-)

Band of Brothers said...

I pray for your mother and entire family every day and so I am praising God for this good news. And yes, we will take any good news!

You are so charming, I must add. Love all your little jokes...especially about the hair that will not be combed and "it's a good thing she's so cute". hee hee. I have a theory on why God made babies cute...

Love you dear!

Shelley said...

So i know this is kind of random, but do you use a homeschooling program?

i'm lindsey. said...

YAY for mary jo!!!!!!! and SO happy for your family, this is such wonderful news:) Your letter was so nice to read...Wednesday can definitely be a little pill sometimes, hehe :)
I LOVE rosalie's birdie sweater...yikes!!! she is the cutes thing EVER!!!!

Sara said...

Praising God for good news on your mom!!

And for someone who saw you yesterday, I had no idea that your day was not perfectly delightful because you were your normal chipper self. Always a smile. Always a warmth. You really are too sweet.

Tristan said...

Oh, precious babies that are handfuls :)

SO HAPPY that the tumor has shrunk!

KaraHaus said...

I loved this real! I understand completely! Thanks for reminding me that God IS the Perfect Planner!

Jerri said...

Well said Talia! Rejoicing in the good news about your Mom!

Anonymous said...

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.jimaie.marie. said...

I am so happy about your mom! I have been praying so often for you family and every praise report makes me SO HAPPY for you guys!! praise the lord is right!