Monday, June 29, 2009

this was Monday.

Emma planted a vegetable garden. In the living room. And then she tended to it with a dedication that was quite admirable.

Annabelle got dressed up to the nines. She looked quite fashionable, if I do say so myself. I assume she was going to brunch, or something equally delightful and fancy. Where else does one go in a flowered nighty and high heels?

Rosalie smiled. And made my heart melt.

We all visited a dear old lady who used to go to our church before she moved down south to be with family. She recently lost her husband of 67 years, and it was so good to visit with her and remember him. We love her. A lot.

I sewed some burp cloths for a friend of mine whose shower was tonight. She's having a little boy in August... a boy! fancy that!

I also watched Emma and Annabelle run through the house in their undies-- they were pretending to be "jungle kids". Apparently jungle kids like to have sleepovers, wear braids in their hair, and speak Spanish. And apparently, all you must do to speak Spanish is add "o" onto everything... "food-o", "chocolate-o", "sleepy-o"... you get the point. Anyone can be bilingual in The World According To Emma And Annabelle.

Thank you for being so nice to us, Monday.


Olive Oyl said...

Beautiful babes! So fun... and I'm dying over the Spanish speaking... um, isn't that how you speak Spanish??? :)

Tristan said... are just so sweet!

those burp cloths are so cute!

*CPA* Su said...

What a WONDERFUL way to spend a Monday! I love hearing of all of your girlies' adventures!! :)

And those burp cloths are super cute! I've started making some as well lately so I really like seeing the variety of what other people do as well!

kayla said...

Wow I haven't commented on here in awhile! but, i've been meaning too! and I have been keeping up on them though I promise! :)) I just love seeing all these photo's and reading all about your life I miss you all so very much! I can't believe how big the girls are getting their so beautiful my dear! Well you take care and can't wait for the next post! love ya lovey

Jerusha Abigail said...

Aw, what a fun and delightful Monday! Such sweet sweet pictures! I loved seeing the ones with Mrs. Schaeffer too. :)
Rosalie's smiles melt my heart as well, trust me. TOO sweet! Emma and Annabelle are the prettiest little girls, honestly.
August must come soon so I can see you all!! I need me some lovin from you Bridgmans! LOVE YOU SISSY POO!!!

Lauryn said...

Adorable! This made me reminisce about my childhood and all of the funny little things my imagination came up with :)

Looks like a fun Monday to me!

Sunny said...

Your girls are so creative and darling to boot! I love hearing about little girls and what they enjoy doing. :) I think their "Spanish" is the cutest thing!

Kourtni said...

I'm loving that little garden in your living room!!! How adorable!

Band of Brothers said...

I love emma's garden kind of garden!

you are so sweet to visit that dear old lady.

sarah marie p said...

Emma's garden is SO cute! She looks so proud of it! Adorable! And of course Annabelle is a cutie pie as always! Lil Rosalie is getting so big! Her smile is perfect!

So sweet you visited your adopted grandma. The pictures of her and the girls are so lovely.