Monday, December 22, 2008


From this.... to THIS.

What a journey, and such a wonderful, wonderful blessing.

It is heart-breaking to watch loved ones go through struggles and griefs, even though we trust our God in sending them. Kourtni and her little family, these dear friends of ours, certainly had their fair share in the past year or two. Scripture tells us to "rejoice with those who rejoice and weep with those who weep"-- and those of us who love them shed many tears for and with them.

But if there is one thing I have learned about suffering and sadness, it is that it makes joy that much sweeter. On Saturday evening when I visited the hospital and held little Genevieve for the first time, looking at her lovely dark hair and her sweet baby lips and cheeks, just perfect in every way, I had to fight back tears. Tears of pure JOY! It is so wonderful to see the way God has worked everything out for our dear ones and how he has blessed them so richly after their time of struggle. Really, I can only imagine how much it means to them, and I simply could not be happier for them. This time of rejoicing is just as sweet and lovely as can be, and so appreciated and welcomed after everything else that has happened.

So, congratulations to Kourtni and Andy, Logan and Juliet-- your new little one is simply beautiful! Praise God for life, and rosebud lips, and teensy tiny fingers and toes, and round cheeks, and soft heads and little tummies... each baby is a precious gift. And I'm so GLAD that you have yours safely in your arms!

I realize that this post should really have a picture of the adorable Genevieve, but I don't have any... yet. Plus, I've been looking for an excuse to use this picture of Kourtni and I, because I love it. And I love Kourtni.
(taken at our sister-in-law Jessica's "mommy shower"-- another very happy occasion!)


Jenn said...

Praise God for that beautiful baby! I too have seen great loss when it comes to having a family and this is lovely to see! Children are God's greatest gift! So happy for them.

sarah marie p said...

Congrats to Kourtni and her family!

Tristan said...

That is just beautiful! I seen a pic on Kourtni's blog, she is truly a doll!

You scarf was sent off on friday, hope its there soon!

Sarah said...

aww what a happy ending/beginning!

Jerusha Abigail said...

yay for Kourtni and her family! :)
and what a very pretty picture of you two.

Sunny said...

You two look gorgeous together! That night was so fun.

God is SO VERY GOOD! I am just very thankful that Kourtni has this little girl here safe and sound. She's been through so much heartache and I'm glad she has a new baby in her life. Talia, you wrote such a sweet post about it!

Kourtni said...

Aww.. Talia thank you for this. It's been one heck of a journey, but I can't imagine it any other way now. You are such a wonderful friend. I'm anxiously awaiting YOUR new addition now!!!! Can't wait to watch our baby girls grow up together. ;)
Merry Christmas Eve! lol

Steph said...

Oh how happy it all is :)