Wednesday, November 12, 2008

"hi, I already know you!"

This past Friday I had the opportunity to go to an art show here in downtown Bakersfield featuring these two lovely girls:

Colleen and Ashley!

Not only did I enjoy looking at their gorgeous pictures hung throughout the gallery and marvel once again at their amazing talent, but I got to meet in person some of the people who have become my friends through blogging.
When I first walked in the door the first familiar face I spotted was Ashley's, and it was so cool to walk up to her and actually say hi in person. She might not even realize this, but Ashley was the very first person I didn't actually know in real life to randomly leave a comment on one of my blogs. I've loved reading hers ever since, and it's crazy to think how much my own little blogging community has grown since then. Believe it or not, Ashley is even more fun and even sweeter and prettier in real life, as those of you who've met her already know. I kinda wish she could have stayed in Bakersfield forever. And ever.
Colleen, the other artist of the night, is someone who I've not "known" as long as Ashley, but I've become just as addicted to her blog recently. And she is just a dear-- I'm so glad I got to meet her! Please note also how gorgeous and glowy she is.
More pictures:
Alyssa was there! (I've met her before, but it was great to see her again)
And look! The adorable Sarah Marie P and her husband Johnny came too! Now I have a picture of one of the world's cutest couples on my very own camera. Loved meeting you both!
Sarah and I. She's surprisingly tall, just like I'm surprisingly short. :) But I wasn't surprised by how sweet and lovely she is... no, I knew that already!

Such a cute picture of Ashley, rockin' that stunning red dress against the red wall.
The "bloggers"-- what a group! Christie (I got to meet her for the first time too), Danielle, Sarah, Ashley, me, Jimaie (yay for getting to meet her also!!), Alyssa, Colleen, and of course the lovely Lorie (who I don't get to see often enough in real-life, even though we've been friends for 5 years now)
Friends. For reals.

It was such a fun night. I can honestly say that each of these girls that I met for the first time are people I would love to hang out with all the time, if I could. And I simply love being able to put real-life memories and personalities with thes people who have become such a part of my life through the words, pictures, and stories that we share through blogging. Let's hope real-life brings us all back together again soon!

ps. I did not get any shots of Ashley and Colleen's photographs (mostly because I knew me and my humble camera would do them no justice at all), but you can go visit Colleen, Lorie, Ashley, or David to see some amazing shots of the evening.


alyssa said...

(umm what are my bangs doing??) haha.

I was so glad I went and that I had already met SOMEONE there because I felt really awkward otherwise, HAHA. YAY!

sohobutterfly said...

Looks like SUCH a fun night! I wish I coulda been there to meet everyone too! Ohhhhh well!

So, how tall are you? I'm a shortie as well - 5'2" on a good day!

Tristan said...

That looked like such an amazing time :)...idk how I even stumbled over your i've just loved getting to know you through your blogs!

Talia said...

Sohobutterfly-- I'm 5' 1"... on a good day ;)

Ashley said...

awwww!!! i LOVEEEEEDDDD meeting you! You are adorable!! And these photos are so cute. I love the one of us together!

Hope to see you again! Soon!


Thanks so much for coming out!!!!

*CPA* Su said...

AWWW-I wanted to go so bad, but felt weird b/c I only knew a couple of you peeps already. I should have sucked it up and went anyways! =) Glad you had a fun time!

See Sherm Blog said...

Thanks soooooo much for coming to our show!! It was so awesome to meet you. You are so sweet and so cute!

I hope we can meet up again soon!

sarah marie p said...

Aw, what a great post - I loved all of your pictures ... and of course I loved meeting you! Like Colleen said, you are so sweet & cute! I'm really glad we got a chance to meet up and I'm glad I get to see you soon! December!

It is pretty funny and I'm so tall and you're such a cutie shortie -- we're opposites!

oh hello friend said...

oh this is so very neat, i love how all you ladies are meeting up! that is so cool, i hope to meet some of my dear blog friends one day. ♥ thanks for sharing! love the pics - you're all too cute!

Jerusha Abigail said...

aw, how fun is that getting too meet all your bloggy buddies! and what lovely ladies you all are too!
you look so cute in these pictures, talia! LOVE your purse. :)

Sunny said...

What a fun night! I just got to meet some blog people too and it is so fun to hear what their voices sound like! You look adorable too. :)