Tuesday, September 2, 2008

{tasty tuesdays} a la Lorie!!

Today, dear readers, we have a special treat. The lovely Lorie called me yesterday, and offered to take over Tasty Tuesdays for me today... not only because well, she is just that sweet and thoughtful, but also because she had made a very yummy dish and documented it quite carefully. I was only too happy to have her fulfill my blogging duties, which you all know I have been sadly lacking in as of late. :)

And now, go check out her delicious pot-pie recipe that seriously had my mouth watering even though it is only ten in the morning. Not to mention that she totally and completely outdid my plain little tuesday posts with all her lovely pictures and step-by-step commentary. A special treat, indeed!!

Thank you, sweet Lorie!

p.s. Speaking of Lorie, I don't believe I ever shared with you what happened the last time we got together... and I have just been waiting for an excuse to post these pictures (sorry, Lorie :)), so here you go:

Isn't she cute?!

There we were, in her living room, no make-up on and our hair undone, both of us in our undies at one point, trying on bags and bags of clothes. Of course, there was no silliness whatsoever... we're mature adults, with kids, for pete's sake. We would NEVER be silly.


Sarah Marie said...

Hee! I love these pictures of you and Lorie! You girls are too cute! How fun. And now I must go check out that chicken pot pie recipe!

Megan said...

hahahahaha, oh I love it! Those are the best kinds of friends to have- ones you feel comfy even in your undies with! That could've come out so wrong, but you know what I mean. Where'd all the clothes come from??

Band of Brothers said...

yes she IS cute. my little cutie.

and so are you my dear! Love the photos of the silliness...er um..grownup matureness that we all strive for.

Ashley said...

haha. you guys are soo cute! Oh my gosh how good does that pot pie look!?!?! I'm goning to have to hake that one. yay for tasty tues!

Talia said...

Megan, they were Lorie's pre-baby clothes that she hadn't busted out since having Henry. And most of our hilarity came from the fact that there was no WAY certain body parts of ours were EVER fitting into those tiny little articles of clothing. You know how having kids changes your body forever. :) That being said though, both of us discovered several great skirts and shirts to wear, and it was well worth it all. :)

lorieloo said...

you stinker and those pictures! HA! Too funny!
And I'm glad you enjoyed my pot pie. Like I said, I only feel like have a good friend, if I was really a good friend I would have actually brought you a pot pie=)

Next time!=)

Steph Corwin said...

Oh how funny! I'll have to try out that pot pie, it looks delicious!

*CPA* Su said...

Now don't be jealous Talia, but Lorie has seen me in my undies too...hehehe! (There will likely be a post soon about it. ;-)