Tuesday, August 19, 2008

{tasty tuesdays} Ginger Peach Tea

This is a drink that I first made long ago when my mom was hosting a women's morning fellowship group every Saturday-- it was a brunch affair. Yay, brunch! I think my mom made this recipe up....? Wherever it came from, it was an instant hit with all the ladies, and I've made it many times since then for lots of different occasions. I hadn't made it in years and years, but it popped back into my mind when I was trying to think of a refreshing non-alcoholic drink I could make for Jeremy's party-- after all, us pregnant girls didn't want to miss out on drinking something! This is always tasty and refreshing.

Ginger Peach Tea
1 can frozen white-grape peach juice concentrate, thawed
2 heaping tablespoons instant iced tea, unsweetened
2-liters ginger ale
In punch bowl, or VERY large pitcher, mix water with concentrate according to directions on can. Stir in instant iced tea granules, until dissolved completely. Gently and slowly pour in ginger ale. Stir a few times with a spoon to make sure it is all mixed together.
Serve chilled, over ice. If desired, garnish with fresh peach slices in bowl or on glass.


Lydia said...

this is seriously my favorite drink ever. mom needs to make it again I think!
Those brunches were always so fun even though I wasn't literally part of them!

*CPA* Su said...

Omigosh that sounds so yummy and refreshing...I want some RIGHT NOW! =) I just recently discoved how good peach iced tea is and now I crave it regularly...I will definitely be making this ASAP! It's especially yummy during these hot summer days we have in Bako.

kourtini said...

That was SUCH good tea. Honestly I don't think I've ever met a tea I didn't like. ;)
Thanks for the recipe!!

Sarah Marie said...

YUM! This sounds absolutely delish! I can't wait to try it! Thanks for the tasty tuesday recipe!!

Cheeziemommie said...

YUMMM I am so hooked on peach tea right now! Been actually planning to blog about my new addiction LOL I'll have to try it with this recipe!

jennym said...

Sounds yummy - and the ginger ale would also help to quell any lingering nausea for "the pregnants" (as your sisters would say)!

Lift Up Your Hearts said...

Oh, that really sounds GOOD! Thanks for sharing! How are you feeling, btw?

Jerusha Abigail said...

oooh, i LOVE that tea! i totally remember when mom first made it and everyone just so got addicted. good stuff right there.

Steph Corwin said...

Wow that sounds absolutely yummy. I love teas.