Saturday, June 28, 2008

Vibrant colors, the home edition

Over at Exposaroonie, this week's challenge is Vibrant Colors. How fun! Perfect for summer-time. They seriously have the best challenge ideas... I'm amazed each week.

I was so excited when I saw that's what it was, and I had many grand ideas fill my head about where I could go to capture the perfect colors. There was just one problem: I've been at home ALL WEEK LONG. Hermits. That's us. So it goes when you are potty-training a child (more on that later).

While I was not able to go out in search of colors to photograph, I have to say it was really fun to get creative and think of what I could shoot right here in my own home. When I came across this bright plaid fabric in my stash, I knew instantly what I wanted to do. There is something about a lovely place setting that I just love, and even though this is totally staged for the purpose of this photo, I definitely want to have some sort of girly party now just so I can replicate it for real. :)

You must, simply must, go check out the other shots over at exposaroonie. They are so fantastic and fun this week. I won't even ask you to vote for mine, because there are just that many great ones. Just pick your favorite... if you even can!

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at the bottom of every post between now and then.... just so nobody misses out. :)


Sunny said...

It's really cute and perfect for summer! And potty training, wow! I'm jealous! ;) I can't wait to hear how Annabelle is doing with that. Wanna work on Nathan next for me? I'll pay you! ;)

Colleen Sherman said...

GREAT PICTURE! The vibrant colors challenge was one of my favorites. So many people participated!

Thanks for commenting on my page. :-) You're now in my google reader and I'll be checking in often.

*jimaie.marie* said...

i'm so glad you commented on my page! I LOVED your pic and kept trying to click to your blog but i think the links are messed up on the Exposaroonie page?
But yay! here you are! your picture is adorable, it made me want to have a tea party!
thanks so much for your comments btw, so sweet. I'm so glad i started doing Exposaroonie, the challenges really make you think!
I'm putting you in my google reader, your girls are ADORABLE!
oh and sarah marie p is one of my bestest friends ever, isn't her blog fun? she's a peach ♥
thanks for stopping by!

Steph Corwin said...

I love this! I hope you enjoyed your place setting afterwards! I've always wanted to have a fancy well thought out tea party. I'm also interested in hearing how potty training is going. I hope well!

Lisa said...

Nice shot Talia! I didn't get my act together this week. I just had a very big lack of imagination. But I won't let the sillouettes be my one and only challenge!

alyssa said...

Ahh...I thought I left a commment! I love all the colors, great pic!

Sarah Marie said...

Great entry- love all the different colors/patterns/textures. The plate and little teapot and fabric is perfect, so cute!!! You should totally have that girly tea party!