Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Oh, well, in that case...

Yesterday, as I was getting ready to go somewhere, putting on my makeup and whatnot, I heard Annabelle start to cry. Upon checking to see what the matter was, I discovered that she was upset because Emma was running away from her and didn't want to play with her. So, I sat my eldest daughter down to have a little talk with her about being an unselfish big sister, how "it's nice to play with Annabelle because she's your little sister and looks up to you and just loves to be with you." Emma insisted that she didn't feel like it, at which remark I promptly told her "well, tough. Mommy doesn't always feel like playing with you either... and I still do it, because I love you." She just looked at me-- I think she was amazed that mommy could ever NOT want to play with her darlings! :)

Anyway, they went off to play together after that, and I was quite sure that I had taught Emma a nice little lesson about showing love and thinking of others ahead of ourselves.... until this morning, when I was getting ready again. There came Emma running into my room, a tearful Annabelle following behind.
"Emma!" I said, "don't you remember what we talked about yesterday?"
"Yes," she replied.
"Then why aren't you letting Annabelle play with you, like a nice big sister?"

Her response? She calmly said:

"Because I'm pretty sure she's trying to turn me into a frog."


Lisa said...


So a few weeks ago Ruth sort of explained "pretend" versus "real" to Hannah accidentally. I can't quite remember the whole story, but it was kind of funny. Anyway, we stopped by there this weekend on Saturday afternoon. We all had lunch together and then afterwards Hannah starts playing with her kitchen and bringing us various plastic foods. Well she hands one to Stephen who was preoccupied with something else and says, "Here's your food." In a way to sort of brush Hannah off Stephen was like, "Well, I just ate a big lunch, Hannah. I'm not hungry right now and don't want any food." Hannah was all, "It's just pretend Uncle Stephen." She was so on to him and he wasn't able to get out of playing pretend kitchen with Hannah just because he was full.

Steph Corwin said...

Oh now how funny. That girl just cracks me up

The Thompson Family said...

LOL, thanks for a nice little chuckle!

I think Annabelle was just trying to get a kiss from her big sister. You know, so she could change her back from a frog :)

Sarah Marie said...

Aww... this is the cutest, funniest story! A frog! Ha! I wonder what the explanation behind that was?! hilarious! The names Annabelle and Emma are so adorable, btw!!!

Scott and Lorie said...

your girls are too cute.

Band of Brothers said...

so funny. sounds familiar, the whole "trying to put on makeup" while kids are crying in the other room. i always think to myself, i should get up earlier so i can do my makeup in peace. but that never happens.

when i was younger i used to cry and cry if my older sister and her friend did not want to play with me. my mom would make them play with me and then i was happy:)

Morgan said...

That is hilarious!! I actually lol'd here in my office. :)
They are just too cute.

Megan said...

hahaha. I'm loving that you can have a sense of humor about it when them. You're such a good Mommy!

Anonymous said...

Just had to laugh out loud on this one! I can just see how serious the look on her face must have been. I am so glad you shared this with all of us.