Monday, April 21, 2008


they make me think of innocent childhood days bathed in sunshine and backyard adventures.
they bring to mind bare little arms and legs running through sprinklers in the heat of the summer.
they scatter softly across button noses and rosy cheeks, begging to be kissed and caressed.
they multiply daily as she plays outside, her imgaination aglow with the endless possiblities found in her small yet spacious world.
look closely, they are there, on the sweet face of this daughter of mine who is growing and changing each day.

they make me smile.


Stephanie said...

Now that last one is too sweet. How are the girls enjoying their new backyard? i'm guessing a lot since she's getting her freckles from being outside. I love how you write. This was really really sweet

Barbie said...

So precious! Her and this post.

Ashley said...

oh my goodness. Look at how freaking precious. These photos are wonderful, and the light is just perfect!

and! I AM going to do that wonderful tag you gave me! :) thank you!!! Sorry I'm being slow.

Misty said...

She's beautiful, as is your post!

alyssa said...

Soooo cute, but you know that!

Band of Brothers said...

ok little poet girl, you are so sweet, and your little girl is precious.

thatmom said...

I remember when my own freckles popped out about the same time the dandelions did every spring!

Once I was so distressed by the freckles, wanting, instead, to have creamy white skin like the Perelli twins in my class. So my Grandma suggested that I wash my face with buttermilk before bed. I did so religiously, but to no avail. The freckles remained! It's a good thing, too, because that was one of the first things that Clay noticed and liked about me! :)

Paulette said...

my mom calls them angel kisses, and that they are!

anna joy said...

how cute!! well hopefully thats all true because it looks like a freckle factory exploded on me!