Friday, February 15, 2008

we heart valentine's day!

In years past, Jeremy and I have gone out on dates for Valentine's Day. Dates are always lovely and much-appreciated, of course. However, in more recent years, we've decided NOT to go out, because it is crazy-busy and we always end up waiting for what seems like hours. Not to mention how tricky it is to try and find a baby-sitter on an evening when everyone else has the same idea.

So, last night, we had a fun little family dinner here at home. And I have to say, I LOVED making Valentine's Day a family affair. The girls and I decorated the dining room in all the valentine-y things we could find while we waiited for our valentine ("Daddy") to walk through the door, I made a spaghetti dinner, and we all sat down to enjoy each other by candlelight. After we ate the girls had an early bedtime since they were tuckered out from a busy day with no naps, and Jeremy and I were able to spend some time together. Just to give you an idea of how romantic we are, our evening ended (at 10:00!) with Jeremy asleep on the couch and me watching Project Runway while I sniffled like crazy and my nose turned red from the nasty cold I started to feel coming on towards the end of the day. Oh yeah, baby. We are HOT.

I know it might not sound that great, but it really was the perfect evening, at least for this time around: relaxing, homey, and quiet. Here are some pictures to show you how much fun we really did have. This is what our dining room looked like after we girls got ahold of it. Yes, I know these decorations are so cheesy and cliche' (hearts, flowers, AND teddy bears... oh my); but please keep in mind that my four-year old daughter helped me and she had some very definite opinions. :)

I did like the way my bouquet turned out: pink carnations, red flowers of some sort, and white feathers, for just the right girly touch.

For dessert, I made what I like to call Fabulously Pink Oreo Pie. Yes, it is very pink. And yes, it was very yummy.

Here are my two little "Valentine fairies" who pranced about the room with their wands as we decorated, turning everything into a pink valentine wonderland-- or so Emma claimed that's how it all came to be. Sounds right to me!

The only lovely part of this evening I don't have a picture of to share with you is my valentine-- the one besides those two muchkins, that is. But words can say how great he is even better, although nothing tangible can truly capture all he means to me. I love him ever so much, for all he is and does, and treasure each day God gives me with my Jeremy-- and that is why a hot Valentine's date with my husband doesn't make or break this day. Just being with him is enough.


Stephanie said...

How sweet! I love the idea of making it a family affair. There is definitely enough love in your home to go around :) And I bet the girls had a blast decorating! It looks great

Lisa said...

Haha! Our Valentine's Day: Atrip to th doctor where we got to hear the heartbeat, me not throwing up for a whole day, a trip to the grocery store for morning sickness snack essentials, and McDonald's for dinner.

Davi said...

I love the feathers in your bouquet! Very cute! Also, the oreo pie looked like a lot of fun. We don't go out either for V-day--total family affair here too! You're girls are too sweet! I'm sure prince daddy loved his special day.

Emery Jo said...

Looks like a lovely love day to me! :) We also stayed in, and had a great, mellow evening. It's so nice to just relax sometimes!!

Ashley Forrette said...

umm, I think you NEED to post that oreo pie recipe. That looks so yummy.

Ps. Your Valentine fairies are precious.