Monday, February 25, 2008

A momentous occasion.

You may ask, what is so momentous about this post? It looks just like any other post... you know, words and stuff.

But, no. For me, this is a big deal.

I got tagged... for the first time ever!

Getting "tagged" almost seems to be a rite of passage or something like that. I feel like such a part of the blogging community. :)

Ashley did me the honors. Thanks, Ashley! Mine probably won't be as entertaining as yours, but here goes...

1) Link to the person who tagged you.
2) Post the rules.
3) Share six non-important things / habits / quirks about yourself.
4) Tag three people.

ONE. If I am needing a little bit of "therapy" in my day, I sit down and play the piano. It always soothes me.

TWO. I am addicted to the show Project Runway. It amazes me to see what those people can do with a piece of fabric and an idea. Someday, I would LOVE to be able to design my own clothes. Now, if only I could learn how to sew properly...

THREE. I am half Swiss. My Dad immigrated to the States from Switzerland when he was 12 years old. Someday, if at all possible, I plan to visit that beautiful country and see the places where my dad spent the first years of his life.

FOUR. Sometimes, when I have a lot on my mind, I talk to myself (usually while I'm busy doing something, like showering or cleaning). It helps me to get my thoughts in order and can even help me take my mind off of something I'm nervous or concerned about. That way, it's not just swirling around up there in my head; I feel like I've gotten it out. The only time this habit of mine is embarassing is when my husband happens to walk into the room while I'm in the middle of one of my "conversations". Then he laughs at me. Meanypants. :)

FIVE. I can rock a Minnesotan accent (I was born and lived there for the first ten years of my life--apparently those roots are still hidden in there somewhere). Oh yah, you betcha.

SIX. My sense of humor is the corniest ever. Seriously. It's so corny that you could probably put a little butter and salt on it and eat it right off the cob.
See, the sad thing is, as I typed that, I was giggling to myself. Perfect example.

Hmmm... let's see. I tag:

and Stephanie!


alyssa said...

Congrats!! :) Project Runway is a fun show...before I started watching it I thought it was a modeling show, so I never even stopped to watch it until I figured out they were making their own clothes. I have been wanting to start sewing again!!!

Misty said...

If only I had known! I always think way too hard when tagging people because sometimes people don't like it... There should be some little symbol we can put on our blogs which indicate we are ok with it, or not...

and glad to know you a little bit more. Every one I know loves Project Runway. I have never even seen it...

Davi said...

oh boy! Is there a time limit???I did not see anything in the rules. Just so I know when to get my butt in gear:)

Talia said...

Davi-- no time limit, you can get your butt in gear whenever you want. :)
I will look forward to reading it!

Ashley said...

Yay! that is just how I felt. :)

Love the photo you added by the way.

I'm learning how to play piano. It is hard, but a lot of fun! I too love Project Runway.

Barbie said...

Love it! Just a little glimpse into the life of Talia. I spent most of my summers as a child in Bowman, ND...very similar accent to Minnesota. It's so easy spot a Dakotan accent...I could even hear it as I was reading your post :)

Emery Jo said...

HAHAH I love the "corny" sense of humor. I had a mentor growing up that had a cheesy pun for EVERYTHING and I would just DIE laughing. My friends thought I was such a dork. :)

Megan said...

Thank you for sharing- those were so fun to read! I absolutely LOVE that you talk to yourself. That is awesome, and probably really helpful too! And...I think your "corny" sense of humor is why we get along so well!

Paulette said...

Ok Talia, I don't know how it is that I've never visited your blog but here I am! Fun to learn those little facts about you! Now that I have you bookmarked, I'll be stopping by! :)