Thursday, January 24, 2008

Just look at those mountains!

I like this one because you can see how white they are with fresh snow (it's what looks like the cloud bank behind those houses). You can also see that it is trash day in our neighborhood. Not quite as lovely on the eyes, but ever-so-helpful.

Tuesday was incredibly gusty and windy, with dust blowing everywhere. Our air outside looked so gray-ish brown and murky with the dust that it was just positively yucky. Wednesday was gray and very dreary all day long. Then, the rain started towards the evening. It rained all night long off and on, and this is what we woke up to this morning. Sunshine, blue skies, and clean air! The mountains that surround us on three sides were just dazzlingly gorgeous, and covered in a beautiful layer of new-fallen snow. My girls and I couldn't resist the loveliness outside, so even though it was a bit crisp and cold, we went for a walk around our neighborhood.

Yesterday was a rough day for a few different reasons and by the end of it I felt just as gray and dreary as the weather. You could say that the sky and I shared similar moods and even cried together. But we won't say that, because well, that's just kind of cheesy. However, I will say that it was a wonderful blessing to wake up to all this happiness and sunshine outside. What a great reminder of the Lord's mercies which are new every morning.


Misty said...

This was an encouraging post to read, as we are having a ROUGH morning around our home... Oh wait, it's just past noon. :(

I never grow tired of the mountains. They remind me of so many life lessons about faithfulness and grace.

Ashley Forrette said...

I too love the mountains! So beautiful. Great post with a wonderful reminder.

Davi and John said...

ah yes, the snow on the mountains were breathtaking. I was driving home from the dr. today cuz Calvin went ker=splat on his head(he's fine, I think) and was so surprised to see such beauty here!

Stephanie said...

Wow I need to take pictures of the mountains by us. I only saw them on the way to work this morning, but it is nice when the rain does leave one gift of clean air. It makes up for the muddy mess it in which it leaves my dogs :)

Scott and Lorie said...

gosh, emma looks so much like you in that last picture!

and i love when we have our (rare=) mountain views. reminds me that we're not alone. easy to feel like this town we're in is our own little bubble, then the rain comes and washes away the smog and reminds us of the world around us. beautiful.

when you're having a rough morning, pack your girls up in pj's, call me, and we'll do starbucks...
sometimes getting out of the house is the perfect medicine.