Friday, January 4, 2008

The Gloomy Grumps

Today is gray, gray, gray. Later, we are supposed to get lots of rain, and it is cold and windy outside. "Gloomy" describes the weather outside perfectly. That same word could probably be used to describe the moods of me and my girls today. Normally, I LOVE gray, rainy days and being able to stay inside all cozy and warm. For some reason today, however, we are in a gray-day grumpy mood. Don't ask my why. Maybe, the weather does have something to do with it, or maybe it is becuase we are tuckered out from a very busy day of running errands yesterday with NO NAPS (never a good thing, you have to agree).. Or maybe it is just us being sinful. Hmmm... :)

Being with my grumpy girls and feeling grumpy and out-of-sorts myself this morning isn't any fun. The weather is getting even grayer, and the only thing I have to look forward to today is LOTS of laundry and another night sitting at home, instead of the pleasnt prospect of a night out with my husband after a month, like I thought we might finally get. We definitely did not start the day off on the right foot, and I can't help but feel like the day is shot.

But..... BUT! I was providentially reminded a bit ago, through a little blog my friend Sunny wrote, about fresh starts and how the Lord graciously gives them to us whenever we need them. The new year was a fresh start, and resolutions are all good and well, but I really needed to be reminded that the Lord's mercies are new every morning, not just once a year when we write out our lists of goals on a clean slate. Also (and it is a wonderful thing), He has told us "Ask, and you shall receive". And that means that there is still hope for this day to be well-used, happy, and God-glorifying, even if the morning wasn't a good one and we missed out on reaping those fresh mercies. I will ask my Lord for a fresh disposition, a cheery heart to deal with grumpy children, a loving touch and voice in all that I do, and then try with all my might (and by that I mean His!) to live worthy of my calling.

It's true that this day is gray, gloomy, and grumpy in its weather. But I am so glad for the truth that God's children are to be reflections of Christ-- not the skies outside.


Megan said...

Oh Talia I just love your heart. I love that you were guided right to God's word and that was your comfort. I am sorta feeling the same way today and the verse came to mind, "do everything w/out complaining..." (can't remember where it is) Crazy how much of a discipline some days are.

Sunny said...

Talia, you are a wonderful writer. I enjoy reading your blog, especially when I am pleasantly surprised to see my own name (and it's a positive thing, haha!) If anyone needs a pick me up, all they need to do is come here and let the Lord work through you to your dear readers. I plan to be a faithful reader. =)

Anonymous said...

Great reminder. I discovered your blog via "Clever Blog Name Here" and look forward to reading more of you in the future. I tend to gravitate more to Food Blogs but it's nice to see someone out there writing about what the Lord is doing in her life. My goal for this year is to be more open about my Faith in my writing.