Thursday, December 27, 2007

This really sucks.

(I know, I know, lame vaccuum joke... forgive me)

Floors that are constantly dirty from two kids; a cat; and busy, normal, everyday family life in general; meet (dum dum dum).........

The Dyson!

My other vaccuum cleaner has been on the fritz for some time, and it just so happened that we were given a generous gift card for Christmas from a very lovely lady (thank you, Andrea!) that we were able to put towards this purchase.... so, I finally got my Dyson vaccuum cleaner! I am SO happy with it. My floors have never looked better or felt cleaner. Look at all that yucky stuff in there! All that ----------------> was from just ONE time over my floors. Eeeeeewww. I'm just glad it's not in my floors anymore. Dirt and other crud, you have met your match, and it is a yellow vaccuum cleaner. HA!


DeeDee said...

You're so very welcome! Now I know why I give gift cards... I would have never thought to get you a vaccum. And btw most of that yuck is your new carpet that will keep shedding for sometime. Love the pics of Annabelle's party. Her card is still sitting on the dining room table with the tins of goodies I forgot! I will eventually get there! Hugs & kisses to ALL - DeeDee

Lisa said...

I am so jealous.

The last time our vacuum cleaner went on the fritz and we bought a new one, Stephen and I actually got into a very heated argument over whether or not we could get a Dyson (which I wanted) and I lost. Now looking back it just seems silly that I stormed out of Target over a vacuum cleaner.

Stephanie said...

Welcome to the world of obsessive vacuuming. The Dyson causes quite a sickness. I just love using it and being able to just pull the lever to dump all the yuckiness into the garbage outside. Haha. My favorite part of it it that the handheld portion of it is so easy to use! So I can vacuum and get the baseboards (and spiderwebs...) all at once.