Tuesday, September 11, 2007

God is so good.

Is there any way to describe the way life works sometimes? I can only think of one: "God's providence". Through the events all around me I am learning so much about trust and the Lord's will. And honestly, in my sinful human nature, it is sometimes hard to trust that all things really are for good. For example, it is a temptation to wonder how can it really work out for good for a sweet little boy to be taken from a loving, safe, and godly home into God-only-knows what? I write that not because I don't trust, but because I am amazed that we really can trust. If we truly believe all of God's Word and Who He really is, it is not only a matter of we must trust as Christians, but also that we truly can. He works that trust and belief in our hearts, and then He fulfills that trust. Or, rather, He has already fulfilled our trust in Him by having a perfect plan for each small detail since before time began.

It is an awesome God we serve. And I am so grateful that more and more, even through my times of sin and stubbornness, He is using events and the wonderful people He has placed around me, as well as the conviction of His Word, to make me so aware of Him and just how good He is. I cling to that when my heart is so full that I hardly know how to begin to pray. And I rejoice in knowing that each and every one of those dear people I love who have been placed in difficult circumstances, no matter what they may be, can cling to that also. "ALL things work together for good to those who love God."

I am not very good at expressing thoughts and putting things so that they make sense or sound right, so I must apologize. I just know sometimes that with everything that has happened this past year or two I sometimes feel overwhelmed. But God is gracious, because He always encourages and strengthens with reminders such as these that I've written about. I am also reminded (mostly through the godliness of those around me) that it is not about how I feel about something, whether it makes me cry or if I feel inadequate for the situation. It is about God's truth, and making sure through prayer that He is glorified in my attitude and the opportunities He has given me for encouraging and being there for those I love. I know I have fallen short many times, but again, He is gracious, and it is with prayer that I will keep trying.

It is so wonderful to see Him glorified through so many different ways and people in each circumstance and watch His providence work out continually.


Megan said...

Thank you so much for posting this, you really did a great job at explaining it. I love what you said about Him fulfilling that trust. I needed to be reminded of that!

Lisa said...

Having this written down is good. It's easier to forget this when you don't have it there written down somewhere.

thatmompodcast said...

And you think you can't find the words? This was an amazing post and sooooo encouraging! Thanks you for sharing it.